Macs due to server errors: apple aubert for privacy concerns

Macs due to server errors: Apple aubert for privacy concerns

Apple has for the first time became the massive MacOS problems of the past Thursday night. In connection with the release of MacOS 11 Alias Big Sur, the Group on Hours Diverse Servers striked, resulting in a non-performable Certificate Building. Macs, who hung on the internet, then refused to start numerous apps, neither reboot nor other measures seemed to help. If you disconnected the machine from the network, the OCSP server request (Online Certificate Status Protocol) was automatically stopped and the apps ran as desired.

How Gatekeeper works

In a freshly supplemented support document, Apple now writes what the Group is doing well above – and praised even improvement. Macos be "so designed that it ensures user safety, their data protects and at the same time respects their privacy". The gatekeeper routine drove an online check through whether an app contains malware and whether its developer signature has been backed up. Apple "Never combine data from these checks with information about Apple users or their devices". You do not use the data incurred at these checks in addition, "To learn what individual users start or run on their advice".

IP addresses were saved

The notarization check if an app contains known malware and use it "a fastened connection", The opposite server errors "stable" may be. Why it came to the falls from Thursday, Apple does not explain unfortunately. Furthermore, the Group informs that these security inspections "No way" The Apple ID of the user or the identity of the devices had included. However, the Group seems to recently saved the associated IP address. But this is now "completed". Pleasant IP addresses should no longer be logged in connection with Developer ID Certificate Replications, and you will "Make sure that all collected IP addresses are removed from the logs". This is the first time that Apple is looking for this logging, which is a privacy technically a problem.

Apple wants to work on Protocol and offer opt-out

The Group continued to know, one would be pleased with a "new shutter protocol" Working to review Developer ID certificates to your backdrop – why this is planned – and whether the existing protocol has become weak, the Group does not say. In addition, Apple promises Kunftig "Strong protection against server failure" as well as a new setting menu, with which users can completely switch off these safety inspections (opt-out). Times did not make Apple for this.

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