Mac i compact: software development for apple rates

Mac  amp; I Compact: Software Development for Apple Rates

From facial and object recognition via UI animations, SIRI integration and machine learning to Swift, Swiftui and Progressive Web Apps: The Mac I editors has collected the contribution of Developer’s Corner since 2017 in an ePaper, the total of 21 products 130 pages contained.

The practical articles, which mostly drove through a demo project step for step through matter, are written by well-known IOS and Mac developers and are aimed at developers. Source code examples are always included.

21 Practical items for Apple Frameworks and Xcode

The contributions are considering the app development for Mac, iPhone and iPad, innovations in central Apple frameworks as well as Apple’s development environment Xcode. Also topics like the still young Swiftui are considered, which is intended to develop user interface, which rang from the compact Apple Watch to the Gross 6K display.

Mac  amp; I Compact: Software Development for Apple Rates

Swiftui for user interface from Apple Watch to 6K display.

Further well-known authors are dedicated to integrating the long-term iPhone NFC interface in Apps (Bjorn Lindner and Mark Zimmermann), secure Swift apps with Crypto Kit (Klaus M. Rodewig) and involvement of debug-menus (quay bruning). With a introduction of Progressive Web apps by Christian Liebel, the view also suffices beyond the Apple platforms.

Demo projects drove step for step through the topic

Mac  amp; I Compact: Software Development for Apple Rates

The table of contents of the new Mac I compact for software development for Apple devices.

Some details of aging contributions have meanwhile have changed or have been added by Apple. If the linked source code examples and demo projects do not work right away, the Migration Wizard of XCode can use most problems but customary.

The PDF dossier of the new Mac I compact: software development is now available in the heise shop. The ePaper costs 7.99 euros.

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