Lord of the taxoases

At the British Premier Gordon Brown Klaffen word and act apart

The British government is not just about England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, but also about a whole series of other areas, among which – what little is known – are many of the most important tax oases in the world: colonial ability with little flat, four- to five-storey population numbers and many mailbox companies.

Of the 14 British Uberseterritories, the OECD leads seven in her list of bustling tax paradises: Anguilla, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, the Caicos and Tower Islands, Gibraltar, Virgin Islands and Montserrat. If you still count the channel islands located in Kronbesitz, Guernsey, Jersey and Sark, as well as the Isle of Man in the Irish lake, for which the British government does the sub-policy, then it becomes clear that Gordon Brown actually had power, a rough part of Tax Haven Even without international regulations "drain out".

So far nothing happened so far. However, in the face of the global economic crisis and the reinforcement, the British government is increasing in taxpayers, which they meanwhile put into an area that uses such tax paradises extensively, increasingly under public printing. Yesterday started in Guardian and up BBC Two a lot of respected series, which deal in a critically critical way with the phanomena of tax avoidance practices of companies: The Tax Gap and Tax Me IF YOU CAN.

In view of the prere growing in the last summer, the Cabinet of Prime Minister Gordon Brown also signaled basic interest in rules for limiting the "Tax competition". Three months ago, Minister of Finance Alistair Darling shared the openness that the practices of the British rule Tax Haven should be examined. Built with this task, however, Michael Foot, the previously banks and taxes on the Bermudas and the Bahamas "checked" had and in an interview with the journal Accountancy Age by no means showed the view that the previous regulation failed.

Last week, Gordon Brown supplied the press with the news that he has already entered more control of global financial streams since the Asian crisis and had warned before a collapse. In fact, however, the Blair government, which brown from 1997 to 2007 as economic and finance ministers, blocked appropriate regulatory attempts even more strongly than the representatives of the US government. When Oskar Lafontaine in 1998, in addition to fixed exchange rates, also called for a control of capital transport and specially measures against tax paradises, it was straight Blair and his followers, which of them "British way of life" threatened, whereupon boulevard newspapers started a campaign against the then German Finance Minister.

According to the Tax Justice Network, an NGO, which sees a cause of many social mischiefs in the potential for tax evasion, nothing has changed at the actual regulatory uninistration of the British head of government despite the new Tone. The main reason for this is, in the view of the TJN Director John Christensen, that the London Financial Manager still has an interest in continuing to persist the British tax paradises and therefore continues to suggest the government, these are necessary to keep the financial center London’s importance that he retains in the took last decades and the international capital does not go elsewhere elsewhere.

Even at the German Finance Minister of Peer Steinbruck, which has been as regulatory advice since last summer, to which the world had told Horen, Klaffen’s word and deeds to regulate tax paraders: his at the end of January with a lot of Pomp presented speaker design for a law on the validity Control practices and tax evasion mainly focuses on the deletion of the tax deductibility of account management fees from OECD-respected countries, which are likely to be more likely than "peanuts" regard. Also, the draft restrictions of abuse of agreements to avoid double taxation were allowed to be a small part of the in practice Tax Haven affected capital. That Tax Justice Network On the other hand, a effective measure sees that tax oases are forced to disclose the owners of the mailbox companies registered with them.

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