Legal dispute by probably inadmissible fuel export to belgium

Legal dispute by probably inadmissible fuel export to Belgium

Between the German nuclear supervisor and the fuel elements factory in Lingen at the EMS, there is a dispute over the export of fuel elements to the Doel nuclear power plant in Belgium in January. The view of the Federal Ministry of Environment: The transports had to wait because since 7. January a contradiction of the Environmental Organization Federation for the Environment and Nature Conservation (Bund). That informed the Ministry in Berlin. The Ministry and the Federal Office for Economics and Export Control (BAFA) had the company on the "Risk of criminal actions" pointed out, the transports should be inadequately on the way.

Inadmissible export?

The fuel elements manufacturer Advanced Nuclear Fuels (Anf) in Lingen, a daughter of the French framatome, did not look for details of exports. But the company stated, "that everything we have done is in full harmonization with the regulations and specifications of the status", like a spokeswoman said.

The BAFA in Eschborn near Frankfurt clarified according to own information to the company ANS 15. and on the 18th. January, his legal notice: in the face of the contradiction from the federal government North Rhine-Westphalia durage the export to be completed despite approval. Nevertheless, on the 18th., 20. and 21. January and after ministries also on 25. January fencing by Lingen brought to Doel.

Principle has since Marz 2020 to deliver a permit of the BAFA, 52 nuclear fuel elements to Doel. The nuclear power plant is located in the harbor of Antwerp nearly 120 kilometers from Germany. Nuclear opponents hold the factory for uncertain. Environmental groups use the association right in their resistance to the nuclear power and the atomic industry, which will be laid out in German environmental law.

"Not obviously admitted"

However, the question is not clarified that the contradiction of environmental groups can absorb the export permits. The Federal Environment Ministry also cautiously spoke only of the fact that the contradiction "not obviously inadmissible" may be. An exemplary case is currently at the Administrative Court Frankfurt. There is the opposition of the federal government Baden-Wurttemberg against atomexports to the AKW Leibstadt in Switzerland. These transports have taken place already 2020. The court wants to decide for information on a spokeswoman next week.

Because Anf over the export stop, the federal government of North Rhine-Westphalia and other groups were reimbursed by criminal charges in the public prosecutor’s office Osnabruck. The allegation: unauthorized handling of radioactive substances. The BAFA was also displayed. Anti-nuclear groups from the Emsland also showed the transport companies. They called the Lower Sachsian Ministry of the Environment to intervene. Framatome / start is not reliable, but this is a prerequisite for atomic approval.

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