Kurdish self-defense wins in bavaria

Kurdish self-defense wins in Bavaria

Usable in Bavaria without punishment: flag of Kurdish women’s defense units. Image: Gazilion

Supreme Landesgericht Candilize Public Prosecutor’s Office Munchen, who wanted to criminalize the symbols of the YPG militia. Swatter also for Federal Ministry of Interior

Today, the Bavarian Supreme Court has corrected the position of the prosecutor Munchen against the show of the flag of Kurdish Women’s Milice YPG. The court had a revision of the prosecutor for a prior court decision. The district court Munchchen spoke free a Kurdish activist. Him had wanted to punish the Muncher prosecutor because he had carried the green flag of the Kurdish women’s defense units (YiKîneyên Parastina Jin, YPG) in a demonstration against the Turkish Attack War in Northern Syria.

Kemal G. According to the will of the Muncher’s prosecutors for breach of paragraph 20 of the association law, a fine of 2.Pay 400 euros. The indictment argued that the man has given a publicly portrayed symbol of the guerilla organization PKK forbidden in Germany.

Because Kemal G. against the penalty decision, it came to the process, in the course of which the district court of the Bavarian Capital of the Man in mid-June 2019 Freedom. The prosecutor Munchen did not accept the verdict and was in revision for alleged legal defects in the verdict.

Wrongly, as now in Bavaria, highly illegal. There is no evidence for that – as claimed by the Muncher Prosecutor’s Office – the flag of women’s defense units legally classified as a symbol of the forbidden PKK. According to the perspective of the prosecutors in Munchen, this logic had to be the flag of Bayern as well as "Collection symbol" Forbidden, it should be borne by an appendine of the PKK, Ironically, the Lawyers of the Kurds, Mathes Breuer and Dirk Ash realized.

Court: Northern Syria does not automatically equate with PKK

The Bavarian Supreme Court conducted in the mouthful allowance to refuel the prosecutorial revision today that demonstrations relating to the situation in Northern Syria, where the Kurdish "People’s defense units" Against the terrorgiciliz of the so-called Islamic state and the Turkish army, do not automatically be brought into relationship with the PKK.

"The revision refund is a political defeat for the Free State, which operates a massive pursuit of all political activities of left-wing knighters and Kurds", As opposite Telepolis the activist and journalist Kerem Schamberger, who observed the auditors today and was already several times in the sights of the prosecutor"Fear of the ideas that go out from the Kurdish movement"To). "The prosecutor Munchen 1 was always at the forefront and was characterized by an extreme pursuit", he said.

The prosecutors were probably also fed by the hope, "on the jerking of the Kurders, Kurds and Solidarian people can make career", So shame. The CSU-guided Federal Ministry of the Interior is also referred to his barriers. Finally, in Bavaria, highly instance has now been clarified that a newsletter from the Horst Seehofer department to expand the symbol tracking of Marz 2017 only a legal opinion is among many and thus no legally liability.

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