Krisendeffen of the supreme militars of the united states and turkey for deeskialization

Krisendeffen of the Supreme Militars of the United States and Turkey for Deeskialization

The offensive on Raqqa supported by the Syrian Kurds and supported by the United States is on the sample on Raqqa

It was allowed to have been a crisis meeting when the most highest US commander Joseph Dunford has met with the Turkish head of General Hulusi Akar on Sunday. In essence, it was about common strategy against the Islamic state, but above all probably the increasing conflicting interests. The conflicts are currently attributable to the change of the prasidist between all war-leading parties in Iraq and Syria. All attempts to use the time window to create facts.

Allegedly, the meeting had come about on request from Dunford. That sounds quite probable, because the US supports of the SDF, which consist mainly of Syrian Kurds and made on the US penetration with inclusion of some camphor Arab stems, had shortly before the offensive at Raqqa (Rakka) and already started.

Since the beginning of the invasion of Syria in August, Turkey has evaporated in August under the pretext of a procedure against Is the SDF directly, the between the Kurdically controlled areas before the IS and "Rebel" occupied corridor towards Aleppo wanted to take. At that time, it was agreed between the US and Turkische guidance that the SDF should be backed up from the conquered city Manbij, which is not happening. Currently, Turkish troops and those with them jerked "Rebel", The by Ankara "Free Syrian army" were baptized to pretend it is about the well-known rebels, direction Al-BAB to advance the SDF. The intention was allowed after the final backup of the corridor, which makes the Turkey apparently with acceptance of Russia, during Ankara from the fight in Aleppo, the SDF or. to distribute the YPG from the then isolated Afrin.

Krisendeffen of the Supreme Militars of the United States and Turkey for Deeskialization

Ulusi Akar and Joe Dunford at Krisendeffen in Ankara. Image:

Prasident Erdogan had not yet announced that he wants to have a say in Iraq, what valley Afar and especially Mosul, but also Kirkuk, because the Turkei have eligible and the Turkmen MUSSE. He also threatens a military invasion, for which tanks were relocated to the border town of Silopi, Shiite Milizen Tal Afar should take or penetrate to Mosul. In addition, it should be prevented that the PKK is determined in Sinschar, where it was practically alone against the IS and the population before this proceeded. Also agreed with the USA that the Kurdish militias only complement Mosul, but should not penetrate into the city. In the nearby Mosoul, in Bashiqa, which has just been taken by the Peschmerga, Turkish soldiers with heavy weapons have already been stationed, which have trained a few thousand Arab and Turkmen manner to fighters and quickly intervene in the fight.

Ankara wants to prevent Kurds from taking Raqqa in Syria, and has explained that the offensive drove to the IST city, but excluding the Kurds. Now, the Kurds probably decided in the club with Washington to pretend the Turks and start the attack, which was duplated the Turkey. What the militars have discussed more precisely remains under closure, one may ame that only a precare agreement has taken place. In addition, at least on pages of the Pentagon is declared agreement.

Krisendeffen of the Supreme Militars of the United States and Turkey for Deeskialization

SDF units on the way to Raqqa. Image: SDF

Work continues closely with the Turkey, the SDF were also isolated only Raqqa in the south to cut off the country in Iraq and to Mosul or vice versa. Oberdies should be prevented from Raqqa attacks on Turkey, Europe and the USA. Dunford explained that one was always clear about that the SDF "Not the solution for holding and governing Raqqa are". You are looking for now "For the operation the right mix of quarrels" to find that are local tribes and other people from the nearby Raqqa.

The Syrian Kurds want to attend the Turks

The operation requires necessary quarrels that consist mainly of Arabs and Sunni Arabs. They give it, that’s probably the swivel to Ankara: "There is the mated Syrian opposition, the safety-proven Syrian militias and the units of the Free Syrian Army." So these were the militias that Ankara supported in Syria and are closely intertwined with the Islamist militias. But Dunford also stressed that the US has just the SDF as Joker. Last year, there were only a few hundred Arab campers, but now they are already more than 12.000 – And if the SDF further advances, even more local campers were further. That’s probably a wink to Turkey, rather cooperate now. So far, the Turkish side has remained rather dumb. In the Turkish media, the statement of Dunford is quoted that the US and Turkey together work together a long-term plan for taking, backup and management of RAQQA. Vice head of government Numan Kurtulus made it clear again on Monday that Turkey neither with the conquest nor with the backup of RAQQA "Non-Arab" agree.

Krisendeffen of the Supreme Militars of the United States and Turkey for Deeskialization

Propaganda of the YPG

The SDF have provocatively named their offensive as the Turkish: instead "Operation Euphrat Shield (Euphrat sign) " Operation Wrath of Euphrates" (Anger of the Euphrat). And they make a similar propaganda like the turks. Is complained that the Turkish army continues to ward with heavy weapons positions of the Kurds in the West-Koban region, while they started the offensive of Raqqa. The Kurds clearly make you together with Arabs and Turkmen "under the flag of the SDF and under the participation of YPG and YPJ, but in cooperation with the international coalition" Free Raqqa.

Exposed of sympathizing Kurdish media besides the SDF also called units of YPG and YPJ campers and struggles. The SDF also became Arab and Turkmen Campers, while many Kurdish campers and Campers of the YPJ and YPG are included. Supposedly several Dorfer have already been conquered. Commander of the Association is Rojda Felat, she has already had a leading role when attacking Manbij. A symbolic gesture not only against the IS, but also opposite the Islamist guided tour of Turkey.

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