Javascript engine: v8 9.1 brings new template interface for emichder

JavaScript Engine: V8 9.1 Brings New Template Interface for Embedder

For Google’s JavaScript engine V8, a few months after the ninth main version is the version 9.1 before. Until the next Chrome release is stable under the version number 91, the current V8 version retains the beta status. In addition to a new template interface for Embhettder, the update brings more innovations for the syntax for the privatuting program.

Object instances Cloning instead of recreating

With the update, the V8 API provides the embedders a new template interface for which new instances can be created. The cloning of existing object instances takes less time than creating and configuring a new instance. The JavaScript engine accesses a two-stage cache strategy back – a small faster array cache and a rough slow dictionary cache – to search for short-circuited objects based on the templates and cloning directly.

So far, the cache index for templates was assigned when creating the templates and not when inserting into the cache. As a result, the Engine space in the faster array cache has reserved for ultimately non-instantiated templates.

Await standard active

V8 9.1 stop the top-level awaitable activated by default. This means that applications can use the command also outside an Async functions, but only on the top module level. The use in scripts or within functions without Async is not permitted. Thus, the necessity for the command line parameter –Harmony-top-level await. The syntax for providing private brands is now activated by default without requiring –harmony-private fire checks. This function should expand the IN Operator in the way that it also works with the # names of private fields.

Clear information about the new version of the JavaScript engine can be found in the post on the V8 blog.

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