Jan ullrich against the dopingexperte werner franke

In Hamburg, hobby cyclists are arguing Jan Ullrich and DopingExperte Werner Franke in court, who may in which form can pronounce every suspension

Someone will have advised Jan Ullrich to fight back. To defend against the many dusks and guilt, which accused him of doping. But whom charges? The press? This reports and claims a lot, but is also an important mediation medium for counterside. With that you do not want to talk about it.

As a destination, Ullrich’s Lawyers have therefore sought a heavyweight science copy out, prof. Dr. Werner Franke, an internationally recognized doping expert. This had said in a television interview in the summer of 2006 that Ullrich in one year 35.000 EUR for doping substances paid to the tested Spanish doctor Eufemanio Fuentes.

Franke is popular with radio and television, a man of clear words, he will also be considered. The unistangled expert-berisher had to have had a pleasure, but here was the chance to show the Heidelberger researchers in the barriers. Ullrich Lieb Franke in September 2006 by interim freighment from the Higher Regional Court of Hamburg forbidden the statement, he had the many money for doping at Fuentes.

The court saw in the assertion a violation of Ullrich’s personal rights. However, the judge had emphasized in the judgment of judgment that in its decision it was not the truth content of the Franken Aufungen, but about the formulation. The Heidelberg Anti-Doping Man had claimed in the trial attempt that he had reproduced the press reports only as a private person.

Wrong, the Press Chamber of the Court decided, he has used as a "knowledgeable the press as a forum". In addition, Franke spent his statement at a time when Ullrich had already given the press reports publicly. The injunction now followed the main procedure in which Franke and his lawyer want to present new evidence and witnesses.

Round of application

Room laying, even the lawyer Jan Ullrichs, Marcus M. Hotze, mistaken by the corridors of the civil justice building in the Hanseatic city. Seven journalists, a few interested parties, the lawsal, Werner Franke, the judges. Rest in the hall. Preparted: Franke poses his right to cite as a scientist from documents. The court points out that he did not quote, but have set up a fact that was not proven. As far as you have been to last time.

Now it’s about which evidence will be approved at all. Franke speaks of the documents of the Guardia Civil, whose "Operacion Puerto", the well-known raid in May 2006, in the blood bag, doping agent and a list of code names of cycling vehicles were confiscated. His lawyer speaks of the Bonn files. It is also unsuccessful, so that the events should collect Franke’s assertion possible. A lot has happened since the interim injunction, there are indications to hang that Ullrich was in business with the doping master Fuentes.

Look at the latest since DNA analysis by the Bonn prosecutor, it has become quietly quiet within the district of Jan Ullrich. Because the officers had compared the blood preserves ensured in Spain with the markings "Jan" or "Rudi’s son" with the DNA sample, which Ullrich had provided by themselves. The prosecutor’s office calls the assignment to the cyclist now "doubt".

Ullrich’s Bonner lawyer Johann Schwenn became Nebulos, on the homepage of Jan Ullrich he explained: "The defense will look closely the opinion of the Federal Criminal Police Office. According to the irregularities in the Spanish process and the UCI, it is well possible that the alleged finding is the result of manipulation."

So far, Ullrich had called on the statement of the Freiburger University Medical andreas Schmid, whose laboratory had been regularly studied the blood of the cyclist. Schmid had called the findings "both from clinical, as well as an association’s point of view" as "all unsuccessful". Irony: Schmid is now suspicious, the BKA has searched the apartment of the former T-Mobile team car at the end of October 2007. "I hold the action for several weeks to Spat", commented anti-doping activist Werner Franke. After Jorg Jaksche, the Fruhere T-Mobile Professional Patrik Sinkewitz had delivered a doping content and burdened Schmid.


Franke does not understand the dispute over his exercise, does not want to understand him. Ironically, he, Trager of the Federal Cross of Merit, the internationally recognized expert, sits in court – and not as an appraisal or plaintiff, but as a defendant.

After the last decision of the Hamburg court, he flew with his lawyer to Madrid, had received insight into the documents of the Operacion Puerto. There you have told him, so Franke, the 35.000 Euro were only deposit, as a whole is it by 120.Gone 000 euros. Jorg Jaksche and Ullrich, so Franke quotes the Guardia Civil, had even deposited on the same account. "Nine blood bags, four and a half liters of blood, everything from Jan Ullrich, and that should have made the Fuentes for free?"He’s upset.

The arguments weigh heavy and many take like Franke, it was only one thing of the time until Ullrich is unpacked or overstood. But in court, here, in Hamburg, it did not work so far. So far. It had been enough when Franke had made clearer that he relates to his socks on the acts of Guardia Civil. Now he calls for the summons of the journalists who did the interview at that time. The knew, Franke, that he had confessed to the file.

Who can be loaded, which files are made ran, should come to Fuentes? Frank’s lawyer, Michael Lehner, tries to spread a lot of material and witnesses to threaten. Displeasure at Hotze, Ullrichs Representative: "For 16 months, the wildest allegations are set up here."

On the 30th. November, the Hamburg court now decides on the admission evidence. It rallyes a long process. For Franke’s ideal, the time is running for him, and the media serve as a resonance floor for this main stroke of German doping history.

Quietly talking about the negotiation. Franke expertise: "I’m a Westfalic Dickkopf, that if necessary, I withdraw from all instances."Then he has to go to Bonn. There he will be given the award "University teachers of the year" in the afternoon of the German University Association.

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