Jailbreak for ios 13.5 “coming soon”

Jailbreak for ios 13.5 'coming soon''coming soon'

Good news for jailbreak-fans with Apple-devices: According to this, there will be a cracking software for iOS and iPadOS 13.5 give. The new iPhone, iPod touch and iPad operating system had only been officially released by the manufacturer on Wednesday. According to the jailbreak team unc0ver, the new version of the tool is 95 percent ready, currently working on "final stability tests".

iOS 13.5 with kernel bug

Interestingly, the unc0ver team claims that not only older iPhones and iPads can be jailbroken with the tool, but also the youngest models iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, respectively, iPhone SE 2020 as well as iPad Pro 2020 in both roughs. The reason for this is that a zero-day hole in the current kernel was obtained from the iPhone hacker Pwn20wnd.

All devices, all operating systems

This bug, for which no details are available yet, ensures that the future unc0ver version 5 will be a real success.0.0 "any signed iOS version on any device" support. Accordingly, this means that iOS 13.5 shipped with a serious kernel leak that Apple needs to fix urgently – an unusual and inconvenient state of affairs.

iPhones up to 8 and X respectively are basically crackable

So far, only older iPhone models up to 2017 can be permanently jailbroken due to a hole in the Secure Element security chip that cannot be patched by Apple. This affects devices up to the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, which contain Apple’s A11 Bionic SoC. Apple’s T2 security chip in the Mac also contains similar bugs. Processors like the A12 or A13 are not affected by this, which is why the aforementioned kernel exploit is used here.

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