Iss: new advice on the future of the space station in the new year

ISS: New advice on the future of the space station in the new year

About the future of the International Space Station ISS after 2024 should start in the new year. This shared the Russian space farmers Roskosmos in Moscow of the German Press Agency. In it, Russia will advise NASA and other partners with the US space residence. "The relocation of the operating time depends on both technical and political questions that are reduced with the partners", struck it. Is discussed whether the ISS will remain in space by 2028 or 2030.

Further fate of the ISS did not decide

Vice-Prime Minister Juri Borissov said the state television that he expects a decision in the first quarter. "The fate of the ISS is not decided."

The tarpaulin for the billion-densky project are initially until 2024. In the discussion about a deflection, it is also about the question of whether the technical condition and the trail allow a relocation at all. Lastly, the station came into the headlines due to air leaks and technical problems. According to Roskosmos, the technical state is regularly monitored.

On 20. November 1998 was the first Russian module "Sarja" (Morgenrote) has been shot into space. Since then, the ISS has grown further, meanwhile she is as coarse as a fubball field and technically varied varied. In November 2000, Bill Shepherd, Juri Gidsenko and Sergei Krikerjow had reached the first long-term crew to humanity.

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