Iphone 12: wireless shop with full speed purely proprietar

Apple’s new iPhones – 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro and 12 per max – all with improved wireless charging technology. In addition to the usual coils for the inductive store, Apple also installs a ring of magnets velvet "Alignment magnet", which to optimize the orientation of the iPhone at the charging pad. If there is a device there namely wrong, do not get the complete performance. So it should be possible to transfer up to 15 watts during the charging process – twice as much as the current Qi standard with the iPhone allowed a maximum of 7.5 watts.

Orientation is important

Apple’s development, however, has a rough horse pen: The Magsafe called technology works only with loading mats, which are specifically provided for this, ie apples "Made for iPhone"-Fit certification. If one uses a normal Qi mat with the new iPhone, it remains with the maximum possible 7.5 watts and also in terms of alignment Magsafe here does not help here, missing in these the magnetic counterpoints.

Magnets with more power

Apple also calls this information in the specifications of its new iPhones. There it says, by Magsafe, said up to 15 watts in it, in Qi it remains at a maximum of 7.5 watts. Apple is so clearly promoting proprietary iPhone accessories. "Magnets are perfectly directed for faster wireless shop", Will Magsafe be described. The technique also comes with an integrated magnetometer and an NFC radio chip with which accessories can be directly identified.

Hardware of Apple and others

Apple itself offers its own Magsafe loading hardware, which one of course has to buy: a Magsafe charger called charging pack (sold without power supply) as well as the loading mat Magsafe Duo, with which you can charge iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time. Various accessories such as Belkin or Mophie also want to offer Magsafe hardware. Apple does not currently seem to plan to make Magsafe to the standard, although the group is sitting in the QI consortium.

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