Iphone 12: apple makes it difficult to make unauthorized repairs

IPhone 12: Apple makes it difficult to make unauthorized repairs

Apple seems independent iPhone repairs to push another bar: For all the models of the new iPhone 12 – from Mini Uber Pro to Pro Max – according to an internal document, it is necessary for the first time after replacing the screen or after exchange of the camera system, one "System configuration" pass. For this, a manufacturer’s special app is needed to access the only authorized technicians, as the repair service provider IFIXIT reports.

iPhone warning at foreign battery

Such a system configuration is already prerequisites for the battery exchange with iPhones from 2018. If the battery of a third manufacturer is inserted into these models by a free workshop, the operating system displays a warning on several days, it will "not be verified that this iPhone has an original battery of Apple", it’s in it. Information about the battery state are also not available.

But the use of the iPhone is not influenced, emphasizes Apple. The mockage is intended to protect the iPhone customer, which is so damaged or "qualitatively bad" Battery be warned.

Which concrete side effects of the unauthorized exchange of display and camera has at the iPhone 12 without the execution of the system configuration, remains open for the time being. According to IFixit tests, at least the original screens of two iPhone-12 models love themselves with each other without coarse side effects. You have only sometimes received the erroneous warning, the display is "probably not real", Write the repair service provider. By changing LCD to OLED, the set screen exchange has become clearly more expensive during the iPhone 12.

iPhone original parts only recently for free workshops

At the iPhone 12 Pro it was also possible to use the camera module of a device in another device, so iFixit. With the iPhone 12 (without Pro), after exchange, however, it came to significant problems that made a normal use of the camera virtually impossible.

Apple has since recently free workshops iPhone original spare parts and special tools available when these apples "Program for independent repair providers" join and follow the requirements. That should "Safety and quality" true, so the group. Previously, it was impossible for free repair companies to relate Apple original parts.

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