Ios 15: apple secures clipboard better

IOS 15: Apple secures clipboard better

Apple introduces a new feature in iOS 15, which should prevent the unavoidable clipboard by apps. The so-called Secure Paste ("Safe insert") Returns the contents of the clipboard until a user is indispensable – not already when a new app is called only.

Developers have to be active

Currently there is only one warning function in IOS 14 as soon as an app get access to the clipboard. However, the actual transfer is not prevented. This has, among other things, that users realized that numerous apps access the clipboard without that that really makes sense; There are now even user actions in the US for privacy.

With iOS 15 thirst Developer now lated Secure Paste. It must be explicitly implemented by the developer in his app, but has a central advantage that was allowed to accelerate this: is safe insert available, there is no alarm of the operating system anymore that an app from another app is something "engraved" has (which usually means that an app the clipboard tap).

Step for step to paste

Secure paste works as the user actually introduces this: content from the clipboard remain at first hidden before apps. Only when the actual insert takes place by the user, the content ends (a text, a picture…) In the app of the developer and can be used. Apple describes the feature like this: "With Secure Paste, developer users can insert something from another app without access to what has been copied – until the user becomes active themselves and it is influenced." Then MUSSE said transparency notification [About the clipboard tap] do not take place and the users will "a secure feel" given.

Previously, Apple’s new warning feature had signaled, among other things, that well-known apps like the Toktok, Reddit, Hotels.COM as well as various media apps regularly accesses the clipboard, without users know this. Partly the developers started, they are "To a mistake".

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