Ios 15 and ipados 15: facetime open for android and windows

IOS 15 and iPados 15: FaceTime open for Android and Windows

For iPhones and iPads, many innovations are drawn: Apple has introduced at the start of the developer conference WWDC 2021 on Monday evening iOS 15 and iPados 15. The new operating system versions should appear in autumn, as usual, these will be released in September for download. A first trial for developers, Apple was still unavailable during the day, a public beta follows in July. The new version is compatible with all iPhones and iPads running iOS 14.

IOS and iPados 15 bring, according to the manufacturer, more control over messages (see also Liveticker). With a focus mode, it is possible to customize the notification settings quickly depending on the situation – about for meetings, leisure and night’s sleep. This also includes automatic status messages in iMessage. With a focus, the homescreen can be adapted to indicate about only certain apps for work or entertainment, as Apple explained.

Apple introduces IOS 15 (WWDC 2021) (Source: Apple)

FaceTime for more platforms

The video chat service brings Apple via browser to other platforms: Windows and Android users are also able to participate in a FaceTime call – that was previously reserved for Apple hardware. New are links to video conferencing, which can be shared as lighter, Apple will take up something to videoconferencing tools like zoom.

On Apple, it is also possible to share music together with Facetime together and watching films and TV series. In addition to Apple apps such as music and TV, third-party apps can also support the over a new interface. The function is called SharePlay. Disney + and Tik Tok are about on board, rally Apple. Spatial audio worry for a vivid sound at video chats, and there will be a new option to hide background noise – and release the screen in FaceTime.

iOS 15 recognizes more image content: In addition to certain elements such as art, attractions or dog breeds, the operating system should capture artificial text elements in photos. This allows you to directly select the text in the recordings and copy how Apple’s software chief demonstrated. Certain elements such as telephone numbers have been immediately updated. The function is not only introduced into English, but also in other languages like German.

iOS 15

IOS 15 and iPados 15: FaceTime open for Android and Windows

Tell US, What’s New, Craig!

The notes apps brings new features to work on notes, other users can be obtained in the text, and a course shows made changes. New are the tags to the tagging. On the iPad you can create new notes at any time via pen gesture.

New privacy functions

A new setting should give users and users a better overview to which data and functions, for example microphone, camera and "other domains", Accessing the installed apps – together with a course. Apple’s mail app hidden in iOS 15, the IP address in front of e-mail embedded tracking pixels. The tracking protection in Apple’s browser safari will probably hide the IP address before trackers.

According to Apple, the SIRI language assistance system recognizes in iOS 15 voice commands even without internet connection and then leaves them locally (from iPhone XS / XR). That does not only increase the privacy, but also Make Siri faster, says Cupertino.

iCloud becomes iCloud+

Uber iCloud + – so the paid iCloud storage space levels in the future – Apple also liked offering a private relay service for better protection of safari connections. All inquiries will probably be handled over two separate internet relays. Technical details are still out.

above "Hide my email" Subscribers can create disposable disposable e-mail addresses. iCloud account and Apple ID receive two important innovations: Users can set trustwurried contacts that receive a one-time password in the event of an account recovery. The digital estate also wants Apple Rules: Here, for example, a family member wants to determine that in the death of the possession of access to the Account.

iPhone as identity card

Apple Maps receives with iOS 15 more details about crossings and turnaround traces. When navigating in public transport, a notification should indicate a coming target stop. The new map material has called Apple for some countries, but Germany is not below. The Health app allows you to share well-selected data with family members or also a doctor. A trend analysis then automatically shows, Apple says, on striking changes. "Stabilitat when walking" If the new value is introduced, which meets a prediction about the risk of falling, it strolled.

The integrated wallet app is designed to "Further key types" support as Apple announced so that then the hotel is now open. In the first US states, the iPhone becomes a digital ID, the example of the transport safety fabrication TSA will accept Apple. Users can add a fuser license or identity card to Wallet. For availability in other countries, there was no indication.

iPados 15: Neuerauf the multitasking

With iPados 15, it will be possible to flexibly place widgets on the iPad Homescreen, as the iPhone has already made last year, the app media library is on Apple’s tablet.

Apple introduces iPados 15 (WWDC 2021)

Better multitasking should simplify work with multiple apps, which integrates Apple controls to adapt the different modes to display multiple apps in more responsive form. About the app switcher and a new shelf ("App shelf") Leave the split view easier to set up and better switch between app combinations and open windows, Apple. The multitasking functions will also be controlled over the shortcut.

ipados 15

IOS 15 and iPados 15: FaceTime open for Android and Windows

iPados 15 allows widgets on the homescreen between the app symbols.

In conjunction with Macos 12, Apple builds the continuity: over "Universal Control" Lets with a mouse and keyboard then switch between Mac and iPad and work with both advantages, also a drag drop from content will be possible via the system boundaries, writes Apple.

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