Ios 15: airpods get new features for hindruffed and better find my

Apple will improve the functions of its in-house earnir or headhortry line as part of the import of iOS 15. Depending on the model, the airpods receive new functions for people with (lighter) horizontal and improved in Apple "Where is?"-App (Find My) integrated. In addition, there is the possibility to automatically announce important notifications.

Better conversations

The new features will be part of iOS 15, which appears in autumn – also a new firmware for airpods, airpods per and airpods were allowed to be made available. Practical for heavy-hearted and people with slight horizontal obstruction is the new one "Conversation boost"-function. It is integrated on the AirPods Pro and allows to isolate voices that are in front of the user, so that they are better perceived.

You can also set how much ambient noise should remain hierbar, there are your own settings in the control center. Also the sound ("Brighter", "Darker") It is allowed to set, as well as the balance.

AirPods sign up when you leave them

The SIRI function on the airpods can now also read notifications, which are not imessages or SMS. This includes about information of a delivery app. In addition, you can remember places to do certain things (Location-based Reminders). Siri Konnne Similar to a shopping list in the supermarket reading, Apple announced.

AirPods Pro and AirPods Max receive new Find My features. So you can see artificially in the room where the headhorters are about – that seems to work without ultra width tape. AirPods Pro also log in when they are not in their hull. Furthermore, there are separation notes for the first time: If you go away without your airpods, you get a notification on the iPhone or Apple Watch. These "Separation Alerts" It should also be used for other Apple devices (including airtags) as well as compatible third-party hardware, Kerne Apple.

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