Ios 14: apple releases public beta

IOS 14: Apple releases Public Beta

Apple has released the Public Beta of iOS and iPados 14 for download. Thus, end users can now install a first pre-release version of the operating systems on iPhones and iPads. Registration for Apple’s public beta program is possible via Apple ID, and in addition, you have to agree to the manufacturer’s conditions, the previous versions are considered "confidential".

User feedback requested

Apple hopes by providing on additional tutorials from customers to problems and functions, today the betas find a million audience. A feedback assistant is part of the beta. So far, the software officially stands only a smaller circle of developers available, the Public Beta Offs the for all interested users. A pre-release version of TVOS 14 also offers Apple to the test run.

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Apple warns that the pre-release versions can have errors and accordingly, accordingly, they do not have to install them, which are used for business purposes. If possible, users should try the beta versions on second-touches, it is called. Before installing the Public Beta of iOS 14 is advisable, be sure to create a backup of iOS 13 – to return to this in the problem case. Fuses created under IOS 14 can not be imported after a downgrade to iOS 13.

Problems with banking apps, no corona warning app

Beta Testers should set themselves on smaller such as coarse problems with system and apps: Tan apps of some banks keep the beta under circumstances for a jailbreak and refuse the service, transfers can no longer be carried out on the device. In the previous pre-release versions of iOS 14, Apple’s Exposure Notification Framework is missing, accordingly, the Corona warning app remains functionless. Whether this is the case with the public beta, remains unclear for the time being.


IOS 14: Apple releases Public Beta

Craig Federighi presents the innovations in iOS 14.

iOS 14 with many innovations

iOS 14 brings comprehensive innovations for the homescreen, which now extends through widgets and sorted apps automatically in a new media library. The update also scents user data better in front of third-party apps, integrates an anti-tracking function for apps and makes hidden data access visible. Usable new features such as a warning before compromised passwords also help to functionality and the iPhone back page can be used as an optional control element.

All details on the innovations of iOS / iPados 14, Macos 11, Watchos 7 and TVOS 14 Read in Mac I Ie 4/2020, the on 6. August appears.

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