Investments instead of sermons

Helps China’s profits african countries more than German development aid?

The political scientist Eberhard Sandschneider teaches and has been researching since 1998 at the Free University of Berlin to the politics of China and international relations and was known in 2007 with the book Global Rivals – China’s Escal Rise and the powerlessness of the West also outside the academic world. Currently, the Director of the German Society for Affordable Politics (DGAP) with the thesis of attention ensures that the Kingdom of the center with its investments of African countries use more than the West with its development aid.

Professor Sandschneider – their findings, according to Chinese investments in Africa have contributed more to local economic growth than the West. How did you come to this association? Eberhard Sandschneider: China follows in Africa a very own development strategy that has more to help with China to do good to the Africans. In the end, however, the significant investments are particularly noticeable in infrastructure measures for the general economic development of African countries extremely positive. There are numbers? Eberhard Sandschneider: Some sources call up to 150 billion. US dollars as a total of Chinese investment. Chinese investments have political goals – or only economic? Eberhard Sandschneider: In the foreground are certainly economical goals, which have to do with resource access and resource protection for China. But of course, the close economic cooperation is also followed for the political ratio. China can rely on a political level to find at any time with his concerns in Africa. The regular summits confirm the impressive. Where did China found, for example, obedience? Eberhard Sandschneider: In the United Nations, China can build on almost all subject matters treated in the Plenum of the General Assembly, without a roughness of the African states on his side. These also share the criticism of the West, specifications for Good Governance u.a. put in the center. What was such a matter of ie? Eberhard Sandschneider: For example, questions of the United Nations reform, but of course the entire complex of human rights and democratization. African states share in their most predominant majority of China insist on their own pace and own development, even if that is criticized hard in the West. Eberhard Sandschneider. Photo: DGAP Back to the investment: What are the Chinese investors are concretely? Strain? Telecommunications networks? Eberhard Sandschneider: Less telecommunications networks in the classical sense: Africa is currently surprising the phase of the landline telephony, goes immediately to the mobile telephony and is already very much further in comparison to the West – for example with questions of online payment. China is very intense as an investor in the construction of straws and railways (always with the self-interest of the resource transport), occasionally involved in the construction of hospitals and schools. If necessary, a prasident palace is already being built when the care of political relationships is required. And what are the Europeans build? Eberhard Sandschneider: Nothing comparable! We preach good governance, supply young western academics with well-paid advisory stations and surprise us that from all the development aid of recent decades has not become. Should Germany be more economic and cyclatic policies such as China, so that African Landers have better growth opportunities? Eberhard Sandschneider: "More like China" does not really make sense, because the whole renouncement of value rations seems difficult to enforceable in our system. But maybe it was enough if the concrete needs of the local landing, and not the west-defined ideology of helping help become the mabbing of our policy. Market Opportunity for Local Products For example, most underdeveloped countries have been far more helpful than the forms of financial assistance we currently offer. But of course, the limits are tight by our own economic interests. In the long term, Chinese investments in Africa could not have negative consequences? About environmental damage? Eberhard Sandschneider: Of course – and how! The same applies to the impact on the local labor market, where – due to the Chinese working force absorption – no effects. As a matter of principle: determine that China is quite successful with its policy, does not hurry everything well to have to have to make or mimic what China does. Just as in its own domestic development, China development policy engagement also has its shadow pages. Does not otherwise consider the significant starting effect on African economies.

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