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Osterreichian Ministry of Interior: Echelon is "Temper".

Investments on a police working group in the EU Council, which once exists, is not operated again and according to Sunday Times under the participation of intelligence services.

"Enfopol is a normal Council working group", says Major Rudolf Gollia from the Austrian Ministry of Interior, "who worked with the use of new technologies in police cooperation." With a system like the military Echelon Enfopol have nothing to do, rather there in "Lately, much has been mixed in the media."

Of course, this is not exactly this Council working group founded in 1993 in 1993 as part of the Maastricht’s Treaty, neither to the EU servers nor in the RAG list of the Osterreichian Ministry of Interior listed. In response to a request of the liberal deputies of Barmuller, Kier and other from 16. April 1998 Minister of the Interior Karl Schlogl had the existence of the group nor denied: "In ENFOPOL is not a working party or organization but a Kurzel for the designation of working papers of some Council working groups, including the RAG ‘Police Cooperation’".

EU intelligence "as a logical step, the Union"

According to a report in the Sunday Times last Sunday (22.11), Major Gollias above-quoted statement was referring to, among others, are involved in building the EUROPOL in Holland not only police officers, but also people from the intelligence field. For this purpose, the London Leaf quotes Ernst Uhrlau, the new intelligence coordinator of the Cabinet Schroder, who has an EU own secret service "as a logical development step of the Union" look up.

According to "Sunday Times was added to German pre-cast in British, as French intelligence circles. Background for the German desires according to an EU-wide news service is that France and England have their own worldwide lausching systems, but Germany depends on the addition of the data by a third party. The namely unknown French system is said to include from New Caledonia to Guayana 17 Abhortstations worldwide, while England co-operator of the Echelon system is.

On the quenching between intelligence services and police, the just a little decisive attempt of the Easter-Rich agents, the pure intelligence agents as preventive "Hazard research" electronic species tried without a judicial command in a police lawsuit law.

"That’s not true," says Major Gollia, the reason for the coveted extensions of the police powers is rather that the police could not be determined to be demonstrated for about requested suicides to date to date. What Echelon concerns, this system was technically simple in the firty years "Not the status of today’s information society" and is therefore "Temper."

Reporting about ENFOPOL continues running. Notes to the author of this article or to the editor.

Erich Moechel is the editor of the newsletter q / depesche.

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