Improvements under control

Improvements under control

Frankfurt / Main, 4. February 2014 – Kia handled his successful compact SUV very discreetly – and puts it on the Geneva Motor Show (6. to 16. March 2014). That the Sudkoreans improve the sports days, especially in a few technical details and the handle of some materials, is probably the good previous success and the non-rising violence of his supber.

From Auben, the modified Kia sportage is barely recognizable, most likely to succeed over the changed tail lights. Nevertheless, the Koreans have left the award-winning design almost untouched. With a good reason, because with 12.374 vehicles sold is the sports days in Germany of second-centered Kia. In the interior, there are high quality materials than so far, but otherwise only changes in detail. More interesting are already the new equipment elements. For this purpose LED jerk lights, a variable support power steering, an electrically adjustable driver’s seat, a heated steering wheel and a tension stabilization via driving dynamics control for the attachment operation.

The Funf Motorizations remain unchanged

According to KIA, the obesity and vibrations were reduced in the cabin, among other things through better insulation of the windshield. The chassis has also been optimized in this regard and receive auxiliary frames stored in jacks as well as a new transmission dependency. The FUF will remain unnecessary motorizations. It starts with the 135 hp sportage 1.6 GDI 2WD. It costs in the entry-level version Attract now 20.290 euros, that’s 340 euros more than so far. For comparison: The most favorable VW Tiguan with 122 hp starts at 24.725 euros.

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