“I consider the un vote as encouraging guidance”

The Israeli militar historian Martin van Creveld over the last conflict between Israel and Hamas and why the ceasefire could hold this time

Martin van Creveld, 66, is one of the leading Israeli militar historians and teaches at the historical faculty of the Hebra University University of Jerusalem since 1971 history and theory of war. Pay for his publications u.a. "Israeli defense and security policy of the future", "War culture" and "Faces of war. The change of armed conflicts from 1900 to today" (The supposedly strong is the weak). To the Iraq war, the militar historian had a pretty clear opinion: the stud war since 2000 years).

With a supervising majority of 138 yes votes at just 9 votes and 41 abstentions, the UN General Assembly voted the status of an observer state of the palatinians. Consider this vote as a kind of warning light for Israel – ied by the International State Community – with regard to the global patience of the occupied territories? Martin van Creveld: Yes, you can interpret this un-vote so. It was certainly intended as such. Personally, I liked the occupation of the West Bank as soon as possible, which is why I consider this UN vote as encouraging guidance. Israel’s Defense Minister Barak draws from politics. In October he was cited with the words that the Iranian government laid the nuclear weapons plan on ice and a great confrontation is averted with it. What do you think about this statement? And why Prime Minister Netanjahu permanently propagates the "Iranian danger"? Martin van Creveld: I think, neither Netanyahu nor barak knows a lot about the plan of Iranians, nor how to counter it. Both say what they suits them politically in the stuff. Barak tried as Defense Minister, the "Moderate" to play, while Netanyahu hopes to mobilize his mullable, most of whom are in the right spectrum, ignorant and light excitable. Think, the Israeli safety faith were surprised that as many FAJR-5 missiles could reach Gaza, which were then shot to Israel? Martin van Creveld: I can not answer that clearly. As a rule, safety fans will not be open to your mistakes if it should be a mistake. There are signs that some of the new allies of Hamas, such as Qatar, are responsible for the short-circuzed military examination? Martin van Creveld: I doubt that. Antiguerillac farmers shifted worldwide, as in this case at the Cast Lead operation, their failure to ensure that one can not respond. The Americans accused in Vietnam and Iraq, for example, North Vietnam and Iran. The Soviets in Afghanistan accused Pakistan, we accuse Qatar. Before the outbreak of the youngest violence, a weapon factory in Sudan was bombed. These were part 1 of a two-part operation carried out by the Israelis to destroy the rocket arsenal, which threatened the country? Martin van Creveld: Maybe, but you had to ask for the state-owned services. Hamas is recommended Israel – in the name of the "Palastinian thing". Believe, Hamas wins the sympathies of the Palastinians and urges the PLO into the background? Martin van Creveld: I think that’s very conceivable. But even if that should take place, I consider it unlikely that the West Bank and the Gaza Stripes ever act again as a unity under a joint administration or government. The two territories are simply too different. Will affect the youngest conflict on the upcoming elections in Israel in January? Martin van Creveld: Surely. I doubt that anyone woman, in whatever form. Can hold the ceasefire because Israel has turned off a coarse part of the long-distance rockets, which lets it letting the mission has been completed. Martin van Creveld: I have the feeling, this time the truce can actually hold. Not because the missiles were destroyed, but because Hamas, similar to the Egypt 1973, has acquired the military confrontation, which means that one can now engage in political negotiations. Are you actually a personal view of this decades of conflict between Israelis and Palasticians Konnen one day? Martin van Creveld: I’m really not sure if the Israeli-palatinian conflict lies loose in my lifetime. I am 66.But if I did not ame that at some point the occupation can be ended and Israel is freed from this burde, as Moshe Dayan expressed once, then I was despair. (Ramon SchackTo)

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