How is the german motorcycle industry

How is the german motorcycle industry

Koln, 3. May 2016 – It’s starting with the motorcycle industry in Germany. At any rate, at least, the Industry Association of Motorcycle (IVM) is proudly proud of the study "The economic importance of motorcycle industry in Germany". She is associating such many heroic cheering messages that we will be a bit hellhorty.

Currently there are 5.9 million motorraders and scooters in this country for the strain traffic. In 2015, the number of newly authorized motorcycles and scooters has increased again. With 150.550 units, this means an increase in the previous year by 7.07 percent. If only the motorcycles over 125 cubic centimeters are considered, it is still 102.238 pieces, makes 5.59 percent more than 2014. Sounds great first. However, if in the statistics, however, a little further is reduced, you will find much more impressive numbers. In 2000, the Germans still bought 207.594 Kraftrader, of which 170.636 Motorrader over 125 cubic centimeters.

Optimistic study

Reiner Brendicke, main supplies at the Industry Association Motorcycle (IVM), explained in the idea of the study in Koln: "Motorcycle industry in Germany is a furvantageous network that refers its value chip from engineering performance, individuality, design, emotion and lifestyle and its economic significance in Germany is now documented for the first time ". Completely right, but obviously is not enough for a long time to build on the golden times.

The study was carried out by Economica, an Easter Rich Institute for Economic Research, which has already recommended itself last year with such an investigation in Austria. For Economica, above all, the effect on the German total economy was important and here the team took out study director Anna Kleissner numbers, which were so far not even known to the IVM. Accordingly, 2014 in Germany achieved companies with the production, trade and repair of motorcycles as well as the sale of accessories and tires sales of 7.3 billion euros.

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