How electric cars are required in other countries

Builder of electric cars already receive in 17 states of Europe a compensation for the additional costs. Also in the US, China and other countries, the purchase of electric cars is required to invest in the research and development of battery technology and drive systems as well as the construction of charging stations.

United States: Around 22 billion euros invests the US government in the electromobility. For example, buyers of the electric powered Chevrolet Volt receive a tax credit of $ 7500 (about 5300 euros) per car. This applies to the first 200.000 Sold electric cars of manufacturer General Motors. For the development of better batteries, companies can apply for aid in a total height of two billion dollars.

China: 500.000 electric cars should drive in 2012 in 2012 in China. In five test regions, the purchase of an electric car with 50.000 to 60.000 yuan (today around 7000 euros) subsidized. In addition, the Chinese government is expected to spend 100 billion yuan for research and development of electric cars next year.

Britain: With 5000 pounds (around 5700 euros) the purchase of an electric car is required. In London, e-auto owners save the Citymaut of about 5 pounds. In addition, the taxation of company cars from the CO2 outlet of the respective model depends on. The government utility has a value of 250 million pounds.

France: Private builders of electric cars receive a pram of 5000 euros. For the infrastructure of powerful vehicles, Paris wants to spend about 1.5 billion euros. With 125 million euros, the state participates in the construction of a new battery work. Renault and PSA Peugeot Citroen receive around 100 million euros for the construction of e-auto production as an interest-bearing loans.

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