Highlighted improvement – including the land kalanick

The driving service broker over wants to repair his battered image in a hurry and hold on the rackable land and boss Travis Kalanick. The Board of Directors has trust in Kalanick, said body member Arianna Huffington in a telephone conference in the night of Wednesday.

Kalanick himself did not participate in the conference call. The charismatic company boss had recently taken care of for negative headlines than to see in a video, as he argues in a rugged tone with a uber driver. Kalanick promised to act adult. Since then, after an experienced number, two is looking for the overbook days, which could deal with the day business. According to information from the Financial Service Bloomberg Kalanick asked Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg and its businessman Sheryl Sandberg for advice.

Last in the center of several controversies. A former software developer described a corporate culture in a much noteworthy blog entry, which is represented by women’s discrimination. Their explosive prompted to a coarse survey, among other things, with the Fruheren Attorney General Eric Holder, which is now active as a lawyer. The investigation was allowed to be completed by the end of April and the results should be published, Huffington said.

In addition, Google sister company Waymo throws over the use of LidarSensor technology for self-propelled cars, which have stolen a former leading employee. The top manager Jeff Jones, who is a friendly marketing chief of the Trading Giant Target to the more experienced in the lead days, was frustrated a few days ago.

Investors who have invested in financing rounds in part to an overall assessment of significantly over $ 60 billion in Uber, make these turbulence as well as the continuous billion losses in global expansion. Also, that was allowed to catch the change prere on Uber and Kalanick. Huffington stressed, a corporate culture, the "glossy asshocher" ("Brilliant Jerks") tolerate, no longer give it.

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