Herb, ruben and mel gibson

YouTube and Co. – Our weekly telepolis video check

Herb, Ruben and Mel Gibson


Look at, even Murnaus Nosferatu from 1922 is available at YouTube – in full long and scary beauty. And also a grusel shock of the very different kind can be found easily on Google videos, although he still stands with us on the index: "Jud Sub", the 1940 Veit Harlan turned and now one film about this film again has received certain updating. But that prohibitions or censorship in the internet age can only be difficult to realize, is really nothing new.

Sonic Boom meets Sun Dog

And that’s why something completely different now: a rocket launch of the 11. February, in which the Hubsch was to be adopted phenomena of the "Sun Dog" filmically held. How that in German is called, unfortunately I do not know. It looks nice anyway. And fits – Space-up technology – Naturally, the video Captain Kirk Has Taken Too Much Fucking LSD.

Captain Kirk Has Taken Too Much Fucking LSD

Now a short interlude with a whole lusty dog – Bittschon. And thank you: An animal computer bug.

Herb, Ruben and Mel Gibson

Computer bug

Games with the hidden camera, where other people usually meant funny meant, are also popular with us. Presumably from America comes a certain Tom Mabe, which publishes his pranks also with Youtube, for example: Drunk pilot. Schadenfreude is also a joy like this video proves. This also fits very well in this context. And now a really great stunt.

Herb, Ruben and Mel Gibson

Dino Eats The Floor

Hopefully, Hopefully Sustainable Jason Fast Short Film The Online Gamer is informed about the fatal effects of violent computer games. And this film is our contribution to the current Olympic Games: Biathlon.

Herb, Ruben and Mel Gibson


And now our quick run. Let’s start with an old acquaintance: Osama Bin Laden, who has a new job now – in Colombia. But the old terror strength stands everywhere his husband! What kind of problems have to buy manner to buy a suitable ring, of which this video is paid. Also not bad is this in the truest sense of the word top ten. And very much about life does this little movie be paid. And finish! Or: Mel Gibson.

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