Hawking warns: robots could replace people

Hawking warns: robots could replace people

Stephen Hawking during a lecture at the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Center, 24 August 2015. Image: Alexandar Vujadinovic / CC BY-SA-4.0

Artificial intelligence Konnen like a computer virus can be created so that it optimizes and replicates

Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking is also an authority when it comes to topics, for which he does not have any special competence. Thus, the history of the universe or the theory of black punch has hardly to do something that people do here on the ground and whether they are on the right way to void to escape, which is why it’s time, in space according to alternatives To search and migrate locories.

For a longer, the famous astrophysicist, who published his doctorate last week, published his doctorate, whereupon the server of the university collapsed due to the huge demand, his warnings before the development of artificial intelligence. The Konne on their gourmets, people, grow out and taking the power, ultimately sturzen the human god or dominate the parents.

This is a vision that is based on the religion of monotheism as anxiety. The omacid God fears around his sole rule, as well as the parents can lose their authority over their children. The 10 bids are a good indication of the fertest, the bubbling and those. Hawking conveys Archaische Anste, his authority not only comes to him because of his scientific achievements, but also because he is a Cyborg, a human being of the future, almost only brain. In the 1960s he was diagnosed with him amyotrophic lateral clerosis (as) and was only a few years of life. First, in the case of progressing laying of the body to communicate, he had to use a computer with which he could take care of the tap, then used his cheek muscle, now he controls the ie over his gaze movements.

So now he opens up again because he says in an interview with Wired that robots could possibly replace people: "If people can design computer viruses, someone will be able to make the Ki so that they optimize and replicated. This will be a new way of life that surpasses the performance of people." You can ame that Ki is better in some cognitive skills of people, but what is the general?

Hawking meant how he said last year that there are no rough differences, which can reach biological brains and computers. The AI, in which a lot of money is invested, will make gross progress and either destroys or transform the society. Finally, KI systems and humans were allowed to yield and form a symbiosis. Symbioses are important forms in the evolution of life, presumably they stood at the beginning of life as the cells appeared. It does not just have to go out on the picture of the fight between Mr. and servant.

Together with Elon Musk and numerous scientists and representatives of IT corporations Hawking has formulated at the beginning of the year after a conference of the Future of Life Institute "ASILOMAR AI Principles" signed. The 23 principles should guide Ki research and regulate ethically, as the Ki "Amazing opportunities to help people in the coming decades and centuries and support them". Thus, the first principle demands that it is not the goal of KI research thurfe, one "Unriched intelligence" to create, destination must take the development of one "Usal intelligence" be. Although Hawking had also warned about negative consequences at the University of Cambridge in the event of the KI Institute at the University of Cambridge, such as autonomous weapons or new opportunities, how few are the many vacuums, but rather the "huge benefits" Supplied: "We can not predict what we can achieve if our mind is extended by Ki. Maybe we can with the means of this new technical revolution part of the damage recovery, which was admitted to the natural world by the last, through the industrialization."

But Hawking has a preference for apocalyptic scenarios. So he is known to see the human life on earth threatens and calls for a new room program again and again, as he says this time, the ultimately habitable planets can be colonized. It is also necessary to move young people to go to science. It have "serious consequences", If no more people become scientists. It is already reached at a point, from which there is no return anymore: "Our earth is too small for us, the world-evolving growth in an alarming MAB and we are confronted with the risk of self-destruction." Hawking criticized Uberdies Trump’s denial of climate change and the entry ban.

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