Grune: the left-liberal success model against the afd?

Grune: The left-liberal success model against the AFD?

Annalena Baerbock on the Federal Delegate Conference of Grunen, 2018. Screenshot, Video YouTube

In surveys, the party experiences a high flight and is the SPD on the heels, which are just the success of the collection movement "Stand up" Preferred

The grunes and not the AFD are the party after current mood barometers, which has widened most since the federal elections. Surveys by Forsa and the ZDF PolitBarometer see the party at 15 percent. That’s good six percentage points more than in the 2017 general election, where it came to 8.9 percent.

The AFD scored on 24. September 2017 her so far large electoral success with 12.6 percent and 92 Bundestag deputies, which they make the third-strongest faction in the Bundestag. In the current ZDF survey, it is one percentage point (16 percent) in front of the green and forSa with a point behind it (14 percent behind it). The two are when it comes to the rough polarizing topic "Migration policy" goes, the big opponents.

Grune and AfD

Where about the CSU, but also parts of the sister party CDU seekable connection to positions, which are connected to the AFD, come from the green other signals. You support Merkel’s migrant policy, the NGOs in the Mediterranean and otherwise much, which can be seen in the AFD camp snap-up respite – to the small asterisks in designations that the "Normal healthy sense" has always covered with the generic masculine.

The AFD places only about three percentage points compared to the federal election, the greatly doubles, although the AFD, as recently commented frequently and turned out, dominates the political agenda setting, so that in media reports and obviously also in the consulting loops within the Parties The impression was found that the middle now has a clear right side. Now looks out of one "Overton window", which is juxtaposed by left-liberal and moved to the right authoritar?

After exercises of Forsa boss Manfred Gullner in the world, it is not that easy. The grunen lay in his opinion in the social center, where they "Today by many for eligible" will. The party is about the FDP as a burgeral alternative.

Gullner strokes out that Robert Dabeck was a handsome party feet that is good for "new generation of pragmatically oriented gruner mussel" fit. This also applies to Annalena Baerbock, the world article is added. Both-chosen party feet are responsible for the course direction center, it is called there and you manage for a term that is used on the right side as a negative combat concept: "left-distance".

The green as a folk party

Today’s grunes as a political continuation of the early success coalition from SPD and FDP plus "eco"? (see. "What is the Liberal?? And what is left left?" In: The new freedom of the green of rudiger search for the election of the new federal executive end of January). Dabeck, from the position determination "left-distance" should come, if necessary, wants to get out of the "Obological niche role" And according to newspaper report, Baerbock dares the green the role of a People’s Party.

The SPD is not far away with 18 percent in both surveys and the greats have not had such a surveying for such upheavals since Fukushima and the following year. The distance to the FDP is rough (the liberals with the last pretty quiet Lindner at the top come to 8 percent at ZDF and 10% at Forsa).

Whether the greats have the stuff to a folk party, they have not shown so far. Your opponents already meet a wound point, if they accuse them of a majority of difficult attitude, as their political representatives put so often on padago, highlighting moral self-righteousness, stiffen on waiver, instead of making the pleasure of alternative, okologically better lifestyles, etc.. Politically, there are currently enough topics, in which a party with an ocological background could distinguish against a coarse electoral layer.

The SPD looking – "Stand up" find

For the old People’s Party SPD, on the other hand, it looks quite as if the way to earlieren is much more difficult than the way upwards for the grunen. The rough look steals you the party further left. Wagnknecht collection movement "Stand up" According to Oskar Lafontaine, in the first few days, has 50.Get 000 registrations of supports.

This is a lot and happens again that the traces of success do not run to the SPD, but rather away from her. And that is also an announcement direction AFD. It is not sure if the party of the new right could mobilize so many supports. According to Lafontaine, the AFD Wahler wants to save: "(…) Fahler, who basically also reject the policy of AFD, but they only election of protest, we want to raise."

[Addendum: Sahra Wagenknecht looks exactly like that: "We do not want to accept that dissatisfied in the arms of the AFD are driven because they no longer understood at all others …"

On the question of the Fas-Interviewers Bollmann, whether she wants to use the Wahler from the AFD by moving his own party to the right, Wagenknecht replies: "no. In contrast to the AFD, social questions are decisive for us."]

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