Grobstadte in the test: are cyclists safe?

The Bicycle Test of the ADAC in Zwolf German Metropolises was the best overall grade "average": Stuttgart and Munchen layers with this review Front, as the club announced on Thursday. Lower lights in cycle friendliness are Dresden and Dortmund. The testers criticized above all the accuracy of cyclists, narrow bike paths, too few or poorly equipped parking space as well as lack of service offers such as bicycle rental stations or repair possibilities.

Three Testers of the Planungsgemeinschaft Traffic Hannover were on behalf of the ADAC last fall in Berlin, Dortmund, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Koln, Leipzig, Munchen, Nurnberg and Stuttgart. In addition, information and data of the municipalities flowed, such as accident numbers. Criteria were accuracy and avoidance, cycling network and vertex, parking space, municipal cycling demand and service offerings.

In each city, the testers drove ten routes with a total of 28 kilometers long, in the million days there were 18 routes with a good 46 kilometers long – the testers cycled 413 kilometers. Partially, they had to hold on hardly a meter wide bike pathway or slander on main wires without cycle path by car traffic. Comparatively good cuts the bike routes at the bike pathway, almost consistently haperted in the bicycle points as well as accidentality of the paths. The ADAC called up the city to make more accident analysis to derive appropriate maws.

The fact that there is a need for action also show, according to ADAC also numbers of the Federal Statistical Office: 354 bicycle inflation ended in 2013, just under two-thirds of it within closed villages. Every year in Germany more than 65.000 cyclists, 2013 even the number of occurrence reached 71.420 upwards.

Already in 2004, the ADAC had tested several city. Some of them had kept their level despite slightly higher requirements, such as Dresden, Nuremberg, Leipzig and Frankfurt, said Test Manager Simone Saalmann. Stuttgart could even improve something. Easily lost Hanover and Dortmund. The Grobstadte Berlin, Hamburg, Munchen, Dusseldorf and Koln had not been tested at that time.

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