Greece: schnundet in the siemens process

Greece: Schnundet in the Siemens process

Freedom-year cultivation straps for Heinrich von Pierer and representatives of Siemens-Deregen; Freedom-year prison sentences for manager. Whether you have to penalize fears of fear, stands on another leaf

On Monday, the penalties for the convicted parties were in the context of the so-called "Siemens scandals" concool. Almost two weeks earlier, the guilty probe. This does not yet mean the final end of an affare whose legal work-up 2005 of 4. Special examiner Nikos Zagorianos was brought to rolls.

High penalty penalty

Heinrich von Pierer, from 1992 to 2005 CEO and from 2005 to 25. April 2007 Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Siemens AG, was sentenced to fifth years of culture. According to the judgment for thirteen years, Siemens Manager Thomas Ganswindt must. Jorg-Michael Kutschenrutert is said like Reinhard Siekaczek, Hanz Jankerman, Wolfgang Rudolph and Franz Richter for seven years behind grid.

The representatives of Greek Due to Siemens met it hard. The former CEO Michalis Christoforakos received as well as Christos Karabelas, Prodromos Mavridis and Giorgos Skarpelis Funfzehni’s female penalty as a punishment. Banker Jean Claude Oswald from Switzerland must turn for fourteen years. The incurred convicted penalties between four and thirteen years.

Hardly any of the convicted runs danger of having to start his prison sentence. The court will decide this week, for whom the defendants have the expected revision approach penalized effect. In addition, a coarse part of the convicted at all is not in Greece, but for the most extensive part in Germany.

There, most of the crimes in connection with the Siemens affare were already convicted there. Unlike the processes already assigned, however, in Athens did not go directly to corruption. This passes on the last printer from the government Alexis Tsipras on 1 due to the lavishly on the last printer. July 2019 adopted new criminal law code previous. The court had noticed this for all defendants.

The reduced declaration that Thodoros Tsoukatos, according to its own adoption from July 2008 receptionist from one million mark 1999 by Siemens to the Government Pasok Pasok, at the current process. Tsoukatos is just as much as the early Minister Tasos Mantelis to the political staff who was legally concerned. Mantelis received in a separate process in May 2018 for money washing a penalty penalty of five years, but did not have to compete.

As with Mantelis, the current condemnation of the defendants fever on the criminal offense of the money wash, or the annulment of the money basison. This offense is pursued especially sharply in Greece by law. The reason is that it is legally the only handle against corrupt ministers. Because these so far benefit with a paragraph anchored in the emergence of a paragraph "Two session periods of Parliament" Teared reduction period.

The condemnation for money wash also means that the convicted the convicted legal work-up of the case in connection with corruption in Germany can.

A decades age case

In the specific case, it is about the digitization of the then state telecommunications giant organism Tilepikoinonion Elladas (OTE) and to be delivered to the large part in the nineties of the past century as well as in the context of the Olympic Games of Athens 2004. The Affare in Greece came into the roles due to investigations in Germany, which in connection with Siemens corruption payments over almost 1.3 billion euros for the acquisition of international appearance to light.

The declaration was hindered for a long time. The complicated law, which was practically corrupt politician against persecution, did a short. Finally, numerous suspicious, such as Christoforakos and Karabelas under diebundigen circumstances, could leave shortly before their secure arrest.

The courts in Greece have not yet worked on whether it was possible to obtain foreign or domestic corporations or companies, without gaining lubrication payments to politicians. They have not worked up how closely some of the privately convicted privately associated with still ruling persons of political life.

What do the condemned fear have to?

The sales punishments sound drakonically. However, the convicted German State Burgers, including Christoforakos, are safe before the arm of the Greek law, as long as they are in Germany. Corresponding delivery advertisements have been rejected regularly.

It becomes difficult if Greece has been applying for international detention warrants, and the convicts are therefore running, arrested and delivered at foreign travel danger.

Finally, the condemned still the possibility to go to vocation. As a rule, this business attributes in Greece brings the suspension of the penalty. In addition, the judgments in the high instance usually fall much suffer. A current example is the Hellas Power Energa scandal, which is more than 250 million euros in damage for the Greek public.

The main actors of the affare condemned first-instance at very long prison are now all on free fuv. One of them, Aristidis Floros, had been sentenced to twenty-three years in the first instance.

The appeals court ruled under recognition of three criminal circumstances in a penalty of five years, which was exposed to preservation for three years. The judicially crimped accounts of the actors of the Energa-Affare were also released.

The impact experience with the legal work-up of corruption traps and infidelity at the expense of the state treasury shows that the first instance strict judgments are tipped into the next instances with security. On the other hand, the tuned high prison sentences also ensure a short-term feeling of satisfaction in the simple burgers.

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