Gorbachev: with 90 wiser than with 54?

Gorbachev: With 90 wiser than with 54?

Mikhail Gorbachev. Photo: SPREETOM. License: CC BY-SA 3.0

The former Soviet head of state warns today a culture that replaces arguments by taboos

On 2. Marz 2021 becomes the former Soviet head of state Mikhail Gorbachev 90 years old. According to own – probably a bit of a winking – information, he does not want to celebrate that roughly: that is not until he gets 2031 hundred years old.

Helmut Kohl 1986: Blob "A modern communist fufer understands on Public Relations"

The country in which the son of a Russian farmers and a Ukrainian farmer’s in the mid-1980s was headed to Jus and Agricultural Business Studies and a hitherto anticipated functionary career in the mid-1980s, was then frozen at that time. So froze that hardly anyone could imagine in western leaving media that it was without a third World War.

Apart from Margaret Thatcher, who said in December 1984, with him you can "Make transactions" Meeting the West Gorbachev at this time with skepticism: Helmut Kohl, for example, said the then US League Medium Newsweek in October 1986, Gorbachev was Blob "A modern communist fufer understands on Public Relations". And he sent: "Goebbels, one of those who were responsible for the crimes of the Hitler-ARA, was also an expert in Public Relations."

In fact, Gorbachev not only made PR, but prepared, among other things, the deduction of Russian troops from Afghanistan, which is more and more than "Russian Vietnam" revealed. At the same time, he did not just lead his departure with Ronald Reagan as a theater, but liked the scrapping of SS-23 missiles and a control by US inspectors. In addition, he fished the states of the Warsaw Pact 1989 in fact the election of adopting themselves from military and economic cooperation.

Glasnost, Perestroika, Anti-Alcohol Crusade

Interior politically relaxed Gorbachev both under the keyword "Glass nost" Secret and censorship, leading a crusade against the alcohol consumption, trying with one "Perestroika"-Conversion to increase the satisfaction of the population with the state authorization. The latter went at least in the Caucasus and crooked in the Baltic.

After the development of independence efforts there tried "State committee for the state of exception" Gorbachev to demonstrated, which only did that Boris Jelzin, the Prasident of the Russian SFSR, the power to crack. After that, Ukraine explained her independence – and the remaining Soviet republics followed her. In the now no longer Soviet, but Russian politics, Gorbachev did not play a rough role anymore. Although he had a word again, but was rare – both in his homeland as well as in the west, where his daughter bought the Hubertusschlossl on Tegernsee, in which he was often a guest.

That he was rarely belonging, was also considered his criticism of dealing with the West and his leading media with Russia – especially after the Ukraine Crisis 2014 (cf. The German reunification was an annexation?To). He rejected the allegation of a one-sided partnership. In an interview with the picture newspaper he even said:

Nobody worries about Ukraine than we Russia. I think about my mother on this question. She was Ukrainian. And the second woman in my life I have also lost, [my wife] Raissa, was also Ukrainian. (Michail Gorbachev)

One of the few western media representatives who deal seriously with his objections was Franz-Josef Straub ‘former melting tube Wilfried Scharnagl, for whose appeal on the abyss of the former Soviet Chief 2015 wrote the foreword (cf. Wilfried Scharnagl calls for partnership with Russia "at eye level"To). In it, Gorbachev said he did not blob from the West "disappointed", but even "betrayed". And he was wondering that the blob of seeking to understand Russia, in German mass media became a negative designation.

In this taboo, in his view, the core of a coarse problem is: that there are no more analyzes, but only labels. A truth that seems to make six years later in a significantly rough scale than 2015 (cf. Corona: Clangfuhle instead of argument openness).

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