Google tv basic makes tv dumb on demand

Google tv basic makes tv dumb on demand

Google is developing a basic mode for its upcoming television platform Google TV. This mode is intended for the variant of Google TV, which will be preinstalled on TVs from brands such as TCL and Sony in the future. It gives users a greatly reduced interface if desired, which locks out smart features like apps, movie or series recommendations and the Google Assistant.

The Basic Mode was discovered by the 9to5Google magazine in a preview version of Android TV 12. Google confirmed to 9to5Google that the feature is primarily intended for Google TV – a rehashed user interface based on Android TV. Manufacturers such as Sony and TCL have already announced that they will deliver future TVs with Google TV.

Decision at setup

For such TVs with Google TV, users will in the future be given the choice between Standard and Basic mode when starting up the device. The basic mode locks out smart TV features and provides only the functionality for traditional TV and HDMI inputs. If you choose the basic mode, you practically have a TV without smart TV functions.

However, switching from basic to smart TV mode is possible at any time, according to 9to5Google. According to the report, it is more difficult to switch from smart to basic mode. For this, the device must be reset and reinstalled, writes 9to5Google.

The feature is aimed primarily at users without Internet access, Google told the US magazine. It could also be interesting for users who prefer to access apps like Netflix, YouTube and Disney+ with a set-top box or TV stick. It is still unclear whether the function will be available on already available devices based on Android TV.

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