Google relies on standard data protection clauses after tilted privacy shield

Google relies on standard data protection clauses after tilted Privacy Shield

Google Keployed for its advertising services "Google Ads" to set on standard data protection clauses (SDK) as the legal basis for the transmission of data, as the Privacy-Shield Agreement was tilted by the European Gerichrtshof (ECJ). However, this had also said that Google falls under the US Monitoring Agreement and in turn against EU fundamental rights. Thus, the requirements of the SDK can hardly be fulfilled.

Affected are according to Google the "Google Ads Data Processing Terms", "Google Ads Controller Controller Data Protection Terms" and "Google Measurement Controller Controller Data Protection Terms". In an e-mail to partner, the regulations were with 12. August updated and should be DSGVO compliant. Google did not give any additional rights for the use of data. Further information should follow until then.

Standard data protection clauses for third countries

A link in the mail leads to the explanation: "Google changes to standard data protection clauses, through which the data transfer can be legitimized according to the DSGVO." Google’s Cloud Services have already been used. SDK regulate the transmission of personal data in third countries if no other decision is present. For this, the order processing, so in this case Google, must guarantee that the third country concerned has an appropriate privacy level.

The privacy activist Max Schems, which brought together the Privacy-Shield Agreement on the case, throws in progress, one "Three monkey solution" want to use – and post the monkey-emojis, the for "See nothing, nothing horen and nothing to say" stand. He writes in the hashtags, Google Search Arger.

Although the SDK, according to ECJ, are further admitted, provided that the persons whose data is transmitted to other countries must have had a level of protection equivalent to the DSGVO. SDK were able to extract the local privacy policy of the EU member states. The clauses had critics, however, has no influence on the accessibility of US resists, which is why it is questionable whether they are at all.

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