God does not play dice!

But throw the quantum physicists?

The debate about the interpretation of quantum theory continues. In the current ie of the Physical Review Letters, the quantum field theorists speak of word to endoring the observer from the world of quantum world.

For years, the appendant of the different interpretations of quantum physics are unimpare. After the discovery of the confusing properties of the quantum world, the physics came from the joints. "Those who are not shocked if they have to do with quantum mechanics for the first time, they did not understand", said Niels Drill, and Richard Feynman went on when he said: "I believe in certainly say that no one understands the quantum mechanics!".

Since 1927, Heisenberg’s blurred release states that not at the same time the place and the impulse of a particle can be recognized. The blurred is thus a real element of indetermination of the world in their smallest parts. The physicist Erwin Schrodinger clarified with that as "Schrodinger’s Cat" Paradox 1935 became known the exotic qualities of the quantum world, or. his own doubts about the correctness of these amptions. It is about the surveys of macroscopic different materials, in other words, the simultaneous different properties of particles. In the example, this is illustrated by the probability of decaying an atom. Schrodinger formulated his famous cat theory following:

A cat is blocked into a steel chamber, along with the following Hollenmaschine (which must be secured against direct access of the cat): In a Geiger Zahrpohr is a tiny amount of radioactive substance, so little that may perhaps one of the atoms during an hour decayed, but also probably none; If it happens, the number tube appeals and abuts a relay a hammering, which a piston with blue acid is crumpled. If you leave this whole system for an hour, you will say that the cat is still alive if there is no atom in the meantime. The first nuclear decay was poisoned. The Y function of the whole system was expressed that the living and the dead cat are mixed or smeared in the same parts.

Albert Einstein formulated his discomfort at the consequences of quantum theory with the words: "Refined is the ruler, but it is not malicious!" and the best known of all quotes: "God does not play dice!"

The consequences of the theoretical approach of quantum mechanics are frightening, they revolutionize our world view and it depends on the graceful, deterministic physics (the world behind Einstein’s veil).

Between Copenhagen and parallel universe

The Copenhagen interpretation goes to Werner Heisenberg and Niels drilling (Copenhagen interpretation). The essential part of this interpretation is the role of the observer, who determined the result by its MENG. The nature in itself is not described without observers, or as Anton Zeilinger describes it:

It ultimately turns out that information is an essential basic building block in the world. We probably have to say goodbye to the naive realism, according to which the world exists without our access and independently of our observation, sometime

"It ultimately turns out that information is an essential basic building block in the world"

The world is possibility and coincidence is of fundamental importance.

The Copenhagen School is not supported by all physicists until today (attack on Copenhagen?To). There are also other approaches to cope with the facts of the confusing world of particles and waves. One of them is the many worlds theory that the problem is lost in which they multiplies the universes, ie steroldly parallel universe (infinite bubbles and duplicate).

Another theory is the Bohm mechanics whose approach to the opportunity to return to classic physics in it:

The Bohm’s theory is a theory that makes the same experimental predictions as quantum mechanics, but on the other hand is a conceptually simple, classic, realistic and even deterministic theory. (…) Your main earnings is that it is an explicit example of the existence of a classic-realistic, deterministic theory and thus theses from the impossibility of such theories ad absurdum leads. This proved that the rejection of classical determinism and realism is a metaphysical decision and no need.

Ilja Schmelzer, Bohm mechanics

Quantum theory without observer

Already in 1995, the Munchner Physicist Detlef Durr invited his colleagues to a symposium that the provocative title "Quantum theory without observer" wore. There was a continuation of this in February 2004 (Quantum Theory Without Observersi II).

Bohm tracks in a double gap trial

Durr has been trying to convince the technical world of the Bohmian theory for years, including with the publication of a book (Bohm mechanics as the basis of quantum mechanics), but so far without undulating success. In the August edition of Picture of Science, he explained the overall footprint, which requires the Bohm’s theory:

The particles run along railways, whereby their movement is determined from the conduing wave, similar to surfactants on a water wave. The fuference field says all the particles at the same time as they have to move.

Now, together with his colleagues Sheldon Goldstein, Roderich Tumulka and Nino Zanghi publishes an article on expanding the Bohmian mechanics in the field of quantum field theory in the current ie of the specialist sheet Physical Review Letters. The item "Bohmian Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory" is also available at Arxiv Online.

The quantum field theory tries about the mathematics and involving the formation and destruction of particles to come to a comprehensive association of classical physics and quantum theory (basics of quantum field theory). The researchers believe that Einstein was right and now they finally succeeded in refuting the Copenhagen interpretation. The group around Durr leads a mathematical model for the behavior of particles that correctly reproduce all the laws of quantum field theory correctly, proposing and analyzing equations for the creation, exercise and exclusion of particles. The particles are amed to be real – so the scientists.

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