Go too slowly: police stop google car

A self-propelled car from Google has been stopped by the police in California because it was too slow. An official had noticed that behind a vehicle of traffic died, the police of Google hometown Mountain View in a blog entry. The declarer had been one of the robot car from Google. There was therefore a speed of 24 miles per hour (just under 39 km / h), while 35 miles per hour (good 56 km / h) were allowed.

The police officer stopped the Google car to teach the inmates on the regulations against traffic obstruction, won it on. Google explained in a short blog entry that the highest speed of prototypes of his self-propelled cars from their own development is limited to 25 miles per hour.

Also generally, the Google car computers maintain a defensive driving style to prevent danger situations. In the few uniforms, which gave it during the test time ongoing since 2009, most people drove to the robot cars. "We are proud that we have never got a ticket," Google resumed.

Google tested his technology for self-propelled vehicles at first in converted cars of other manufacturers and now also leave his in-house prototypes through Mountain View. The spherical electric two-seater should only be controlled by the computer in the future and get along without steering wheel and pedals. However, both are still provision for the tests.

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