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Wolfsburg, 5. September 2014 – What did not the Wolfsburg Strategists have made everything to make the Golf with a stage in this country: different names, noble versions, most recently a design that was tremendous to the Passat Speed Hatchback. It has used little, in relation to the German market, because last year in this country was just 2500 new Jetta sold in this country. However, the thing looks globally differently, because the Jetta is with 925.000 Stuck of the best-selling VW worldwide. Now the bestseller was easily handled.

Barely changed

Not a lot has been done. Most, the redesign of the trunk flap is still reminiscent with the printed sheet and the slightly remote tail lights now strongly reminded of the back view of current Audi models. The changes to the front are so minimal that you have to know what the new and old distinguishes. Stossfanger and Kuhlerbill now have coarse openings.

Also in the interior is not much. In the cockpit, the instruments are now in pipes and there are newly designed steering wheels. Documents are still a bit scarce and the screen of the navigation system is slightly too deep arranged. The elimination of this deficiency had probably required interventions that were too expensive for the facelift.

Moreover has happened to the assistance systems: In addition to a serial mabulous recognition, a park steering aid and a dead angle Warner with a parking assistant are now available for a surcharge. He pays attention to the ruckwarts-out from a journeys on approaching vehicles and stresses alarm when the driver does not respond to it. The system also brakes alone if a group threatens.

Unnecessary expensive

In Germany, there will be the Jetta only in one equipment line. Extracts are 16-inch alloy wheels, leather steering wheel, CD radio and air conditioning series mabig. Compared to the transaction, the fourth door has not become more expensive despite a little better standard equipment. The beginner with 105 hp thick gasoline engine costs 21.725 euros. As another gasoline is the 1.4 TSI with 125 or 150 hp for election. As diesel engines, a two-liter TDI is offered with 110 or 150 hp. However, the overargested Jetta Hybrid with 170 hp system performance is only available from the end of November.

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