Germany: one “phantom law” with partial ban on burka and nikab

Germany: one'phantomgesetz' mit teil-verbot von burka und nikab

Hiijab and Nikab. Image: Hijabis4ever / CC BY-SA 3.0

Austria: one "Headscarf Sager" of the Federal President who is not on the high of the "problematic situation" shows

Shortly before midnight, the Bundestag adopted the night last night "Draft law on area-specific regulations of facial milling", known as Burka or Nikab law. The coalition from Union and SPD sat down against the left and green.

The bill concerns civil servants in public service, soldiers, regulations for election functionaries (members of the electoral exhibition and electoral items) and identification of passport controls. The face must be unpaid, is the core requirement.

For the completion of state tasks, the possibility to see civil servants and civil servants in the face, essential. A tear of the face is then not acceptable if it affects the confidence in a public office and thus in the activity and integer of the state.

Where an identification of burgers and burgers is legally necessary and commanded, a balancing photographic passport must be enforced with the face of the badge owner or the badge owner.

Draft law on area-specific regulations of facial milling

It also deals with a neutral attitude of the state, as the introduction to the bill is turned out:

The state is obliged in addition to represent world-clear religious neutral. A religious or ideological motivated relief of the face when expanding the service or in taps with immediate service in service, this neutralization requires.

Draft law on area-specific regulations of facial milling

Nevertheless, the law, as the BR has determined, have little practical effects "Factist no one affected by this ban" may be.

On request, how many civil servants their profession is fully swaging, or whether wearing a Burka or a NIQAB in the workplace in the past had made problems, none of the interior ministries of the federal government and countries could call a case.Br

Every woman, it comes from a political controversy and according to the current state of the smallest political denominators, on which one can agree. The grunes, who voted against it, call it "Phantom law", so the br, the part of a "feared debate" is an attachment to legal populists. Ulla Jelpke, the domestic spokeswoman of the left, who also voted against it, is quoted that it is a small step in the direction of the right populists, the mood in the country is poisoned by such symbol policy.

The Easter-Rich Prasident goes to the ice

How high the waves can slippish when it comes to religious symbols associated with a strict Islam design, there is currently a debate in the neighboring country over an exception of the green federal therapy Alexander van der Bennen in mind.

Van der Bellen began at a discussion event (video, about minute 22) to a question of his association to carry a headscarf law harmless by pointing out that Fruhe had many women’s headcuts ("The most normalest of the world"To). In addition, he linked this with a freedom of clothing in the sense of a freedom of opinion and thus entered more difficult, symbolic soil, which was then smoother when he then also the concept of "Religious symbol" took up to his speech ("There are problematic situations"To).

Thus, from his cozy exercises for everyday heads of heads of the 1950s and -60s, a contribution to acute-sharpened discussion, in which he then would then have the answer to a second question. These, placed by a Muslim Ruhorer, wanted to know how van der Bennen places to the Islamophobia. The Prasident responded with these statements:

It is the right of woman to dress, however she liked, that’s my opinion. In the incorporation not only Muslim women, every woman can wear a headscarf. And if this goes on, and so I’m already at the next question, in this indeed to grapeful islamophobia, the day will come, where we ask all women to wear a headscarf. All. As a solidarity against those who do it from religious grounds."

Van der Bellen

It is amazing how absent a federal prosecident can formulate: "All" He emphasizes, all women who come when the day comes in boss jargon then "Must ask" to the solidarity, by decree? And the then demanded solidarity does not address a self-determined individual freedom, but on "religious reasons".

As if he had not hoisted enough, van der Bennen dismisses another, one of the big weights at all on the Dunne ice, the comparison with the persecution of the Jews.

That’s not so far. If I remember correctly, Danen made something similar during the German occupation: and non-Judian Danen started to wear the David star as a symbolic or actual gesture of resistance to the deportation of the Jews.

Van der Bellen

Excited reactions do not love long. "This cultural relativeism, this pure sexism, which their statements mean, is indispensable for us", For example, it is called in an open letter, the signatories from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Algeria and Macedonia.

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