Germany, france, italy: astrazeneca vaccine exposed

Germany, France, Italy: AStraZeneca vaccine exposed

Corona: Spahn speaks of a decision due to the recommendation of the Paul Ehrlich Institute for falling of thrombosis of the cerebral veins.

The Corona vaccination campaign in Germany has a new jerking. About 1.4 million doses of the vaccine AStraZeneca remain in the refrigerator: The Federal Government today has vaccinations, both first and episocars, with the vector vaccine of the British-Swedish pharmaceutical crops due to a recommendation of the Paul-Honest Institute "precautionary" exposed.

"We expect to check. The result of checking is open", Discard Health Minister Jens Spahn this afternoon "Precautionary":

"Background are newly reported trap of thrombosis of the cerebral veins, which are in the temporal connection with an AstraZeneca vaccine."

In the answering answering of the questions of journalists, Spahn, that it was about seven reported trap, "which are related to such cerebral venous thrombosis or stand". These are not many in view of now 1.6 million vaccinations with the AstraZeneca vaccine pot, but the message of the seven trap has obviously been drawn an alarm.

Because the decisive advice of the representatives of the Paul Ehrlich Institute took place today noon, so Spahn in the press conference. The decision then fell very fast for political mabs. Even if Spahn tried to intercept potential irritation by pointing to the rarity of the trap, he also realized that the risk was raised as rough enough to suspend vaccinations with AstraZeneca.

"It’s about a very low risk, but if it should actually be associated with the vaccine to achieve average risk. That’s the extension to which it works."

This is not a political decision, but a technical, stressed spoon. He follow the recommendations of the Paul-Honest Institute. He is convinced that for confidence in vaccines transparency is the most important. You now have the question of clear whether the use of the vaccine is roughly as possible risks. "For one thing is clear, also non-vaccination has serious health consequences."

The Paul Ehrlich Institute re-evaluated the situation before the said background and recommended a suspension of vaccination and further investigations. Now it comes to the decision of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to find out if and how the new findings affect the vaccine of the vaccine.

"Ideally" Come in the course of this week to your recommendation, so spoon.

The decision to suspend is not a real surprise – given that other countries, first Danemark, then limited Norway, Iceland, Bulgaria, Ireland, the Netherlands and – on certain batches – also Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Italy and Rumania had decided to such a step and have also been stated by heavy blood clots for reasons.

At the same time, the message was surprised by the stop, as AstraZeneca is currently on the accumulance of the vaccine at the burden and thereby "No increased risk" established.

Throughout the EU and in the Great Britain, according to the pharmaconzern up to 8. Marz 15 trap of deep venous thrombosis (DVT) and 22 trap of pulmonary embolism in persons who have received the vaccine reported. The previously reported trap are after drawing "much lower" as that, which is naturally expected in a general population of this magnitude – and self-consuming it is also noticeable that the order of magnitude "Similar to other approved Covid 19 vaccines".

A careful checking of all available data of more than 17 million people who were vaccinated with the vaccine in the EU and the Great Britain "no indication of an increased risk of pulmonary embolism, tvt or thrombocytopenia in a certain age group, a certain gender, a certain batch or in a particular country" result.

Most recently, it was stressed that the AstraZeneca vaccine was actually more effective than he had been exhausted according to the test results.

If you look at the latest safety report of the Paul Ehrlich Institute to suspected safety report of side effects and vaccination complications after vaccination for protection against COVID-19 from 4. Marz, so become there until 26. February from 363.645 vaccinations with the AstraZeneca vaccine 2.765 "Trash" Any side effects reported, but thrombosis will not be mentioned in this context.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) were reported in the case of almost five million vaccines around 30 cases of coagulation treasures after an AstraZeCa vaccine. "The number of thrombembolical forelament in vaccinated people is not high than the number in the total taxation", so the comment of the EMA.

Also France and Italy expire the AstraZeneca vaccinations for the time being.

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