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"My bunkers do not push" – When Bunker Bernd chattes from the nearby

Know Bunker Bernd? no? Does not matter, there is Telepolis to both close the striking phenomena of this world as well as explaining, and bunker-Bernd’s career is one of them.

Bunker Bernd, of course, is not in reality, but Karl Bernd Esser, is 45 years old (heartfelt happy, birthday was the 23.3.), and has a German state-owned, gray-great eyes and mischievously sympathetic laughing too a passion. He likes to build bunkers. Now we have done that as a boy all. We highlighted ground hole, bought baumerer, crawled in the legacies of various world wars and expected the attacks of enemies from the neighboring strain or neighboring village.

At some point, so with Zwolf, we gave up these important staff and turned to other important staff. Not so bunker Bernd. He remained faithful to his first passion from child care and made a job. That was probably close, because there is a tradition in his family in fortress construction since 1939. He says. And because he, according to this tradition, was fruitful, and in the tender age of 24 years had already had a professional qualifying patent from the area of supply technology for bunker plants (he says), he was allowed to build a very special bunker since the early 1980s : Uncle Saddam’s hat in Baghdad. There are people who doubt the Bunker Bernd’s reports in this regard and pretty much everything he is doing, but let’s take him in the word, it’s all so mistaken that it can already vote. In any case, most of it. Or the core.

Actually, such activities such as the construction of bunker plants for dictators are the specialty of discrete gentlemen who knows about their professional affairs to mention. But since Dodel-Dubbyah Killer-Saddam the democracy in the form of bunkerbreaking bombs took the neck, bunker-Bernd ghosts as an alleged co-designer of the prasident bunker by the media, and it is difficult to crack that stucco German reciprocal work because it is so well built. Not only on television he can tell this story, but also in the newspapers. The Wiener Standard brings you, and the manager magazine, always interested in visual representatives of the German Augwirtschaft, leading a long interview with him.

Image: According to caption, it is the "Lock area in the prasident bunker". About the picture is: "The following….Photos are blurred. The original photos can be requested on request."

Open-hearted Bunker-Bernd chatted out of the near trail, about the specifications of his bunker, which is to be nuclear bomb-proof in mobs, over the circumstances of the construction, and on killer Saddam, who does not take it according to Bunker-Bernd, the final acceptance of the bunker Personal. And he says so droll things in this interview that they are worth reading even if he has never set a concrete mixing machine in reality. Whether everything was done with right things, legally seen in the construction of the bunker, sensitive the manager magazine asks, after all, Saddam was already a dictator and so. Bunker Bernd has the right answer in parat:

Franz Josef Straub ruled in my home of Bavaria, and his attitude was quite a pro-Iraqis. The good connections went so far that the Vice-Prassident of the Bavarian State Criminal Office then got the order from the Iraqi Embassy to buy weapons for the police in Iraq.

Yes, that could vote. That one like Straub took a pro-Iraqi attitude is very likely. But at the most convincing, Bunker Bernd, if he justifies his alleged work for Saddam Hussein regimes morally. For the honorary rescue of his art pigs in concrete, he has z.B. accept:

My bunkers do not push. There are pure defense systems for the protection of people who are shot.

Although he emphasizes on his homepage that one "effective defense without bunker is not possible" But at least: His bunkers do not push. They only defend. How nice. And on the question of manager magazine, whether he, now he was purely theoretically, built a second bunker for Saddam Hussein, he answers with an almost surreal guilty statement:

The thing has different aspects. One thing is certainly right: Saddam is a dictator, and many things have happened in Iraq, which are very bad. On the other hand, you also have to ask yourself how he could be so powerful. He did not least thank the Americans who have massively supported him because of his war against Iran.

Bunker-Bernd So, the killer Saddam allegedly given atomic bomb-proof funds to the effective defense is not to blame. The Americans are it. Alone you. Bunker Bernd has done only his work. It is precisely this kind of argument that Bunker-Bernd’s media tour can be recognized as German recruitment, regardless of the question of whether he was actually involved in the German involvement below the Prasident palace or not. The lasting value of these statements, beyond the end of the Killer-Saddam regime, is just in the documentation of the consciousness of those people who have equipped him with the consecutive. "Our bunkers do not push", Say, and in case of doubt someone was different to blame. Dodel-Dubyah, Killer-Saddam and Chemical Ali Keep the show in Iraq, while Peace Gerhard in Berlin thinks of the future of the German Augwirtschaft, which may never have left on bunker Bernd, but on thousands like him.

And with the right attitude, this bloody lubrication comodia can be repeated at any time, all over the world.

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