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the "Ghettoization" the European companies

Some time ago, a comment was to read a comment in an English Sunday newspaper, which stated that the English society clearly classifies discretion. No completely new view; It was noteworthy on the analysis, however, that the author was not a proven Neo-Marxist, but a former narrower adviser to the Thatcher government, who amed it this government that she has laid the foundation for a development, in which the result Differences between the different classes had deepened. On the other hand, the author emphasized a phanomena that in his opinion marked a new historical quality: the Uppers, So he generally described the upper classes, had no concrete experiences about the Downers. There is little communication between the upper and lower society layers.

Anyone who was the other one was only learned about cliches from television or largely speechless encounters in the shopping malls and fubganger zones, which were then usually assigned to the pictures that one knows from the reality soap. Genuine, direct contacts between the Uppers and Downers, there was hardly any more there for early times. The gap between them has clearly deepened. As a further historical novelion, the author registered that the lower layers in the England of the present time in contrast to their "proletarian" Process generations about no historical consciousness has no tradition, no tradition that will give you pride and self-confidence. The lower ones were perceived with the eyes of the upper: as a loser.

In France, a young sociologist for some senses in the debate is currently ensured "Problem quarry" (see. The world of guys is no longer the world of Madchen) in the neighboring country. His assertion:

The French history of urban secretion is not such that it is similar to a spontaneous and locally bursting fire brunst; But she likes more like an existing and silent central locking of the space and social destiny.

Eric Maurin

Politics, so the quintessence of the latest publication of sociologist and economist Eric Maurin "Le Ghetto Francais", was in her fixed view of a few hundred enclaves, the so-called "Problem quarry", Do not recognize a reality that is much gross: that of a society that the segregation In the rough style has already completed for about 20 to 15 years and more fully continues. His research results reveal the image of a French society that "in extreme way split" is.

Tell me in which neighborhood you live and I’ll tell you which company you with build

Maurin works in the research group for the economy and statistics of the well-known French research center CNRS, his focus is social policy and equal opportunities; For his newest book, he has used statistical data, from other research projects of the Insee Institute "left free" are. His work with these statistical data leaked him to conclusions, which are also interesting in the discussion of the integration will of the immigrants – and the discussion about education policy.

Focusing on the "Problem quarry" according to Maurin’s view, the far-reaching Ubel, which indicators of social secretion were indicated that a reality has been firmly enrolled in France for about two decades, which according to the foreclosure is no problem that only the poor Gettos concerns. The whole country is a kind of ghetto in which the inclusive (Included) and Exclus (Excluded) are less in a staple confrontation, as so often asserted, instead it is it so that they were bought after each other to escape each other. The workers the immigrant unemployed, the better-earning the upper middle class, the upper middle class of the lower and so on. The fear of social descent characterizes these escape movements and the associated demarcations.

Gettoization from top to bottom

the "true ghettoization" was done from top to bottom. For the rich and wealthy, the place of residence was long the most important "social marker", that was then continuing down. The whole "social destiny" Hour with the choice of the place of residence in the closest connection, the future of children; the training opportunities and the development of the children, so the corresponding credo were crucially depended on, in which environment and neighborhood you live, the poor and uneducated (and frustrated, defistant) the conditions are, the worse opportunities for success. So it may give some socially committed pladoyers, which, a little well-being, again and again the same political consensus, which society needs more integration and community spirit; In the private grip it is different: you take a lot to do there where no gross outstanding or lowering share the school success or. The development of the sprout stewed. You never liked as "Ravenel" stand up…

We believe that the quality of the direct social environment with all the weight on success or failure of everyone. Until recently, this practical intuition of the social sciences was barely put on the prudent. That’s just starting and the work on this topic will give her (intuition) right. Far from being a fantasy presentation, it is remarkably realized that the interactions between neighbors and the direct social environment are a heavy-weight role for the "social destiny" to play. In fact, the secretion ("segregation") Not only to assign certain individuals to certain individuals, every place in his him as he did "take up": You (the secretion) also locks the future. It opens or ends the horizon, depending on whether you wake up on the side of parents and neighbors with diploma or in a quarter, which is drawn by the failure…The direct social environment is not a secondary contingency of existence: On the contrary, it tends to be an existential condition of developing anyone.

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