Gaza strip poker

Gaza Strip Poker

US Aufemister Kerry and the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Photo: State Department; public-free

After the failure of negotiations between Israelis and Palastians, Hamas and Fatah have agreed on joint governance. Israel’s government is acidic – and still expanded

What happened so far: On Wednesday, high-ranking representatives of the two enemy Palastic Groups of Fatah and Hamas have announced the formation of a common government (the end of the "divide and conquer"-Politics opposite the palatinians?To). This should happen on the basis of the limits of before 1967 and the agreements concluded with Israel, say representatives of both sides. Previously, Egypt had explained Hamas to the terrorist union, frozen her frozen and the financial lives on the organization capped. At the same time, the peace negotiations between Israel and the Palastic Autonomous government were de facto failed because Israel’s government refused to release the fourth and last group of 29 palastic prisoners, whereupon the Palastian Autonomy Government 15 international agreements, including the Geneva Conventions, joined was, and threatened to simply lose the palastic autonomous deeds and to give responsibility for the 2.7 million people to Israel.

"Texas Hold ’em". Image: Thomas van de Weerd; License: CC by 2.0

It is Sunday afternoon when Mahmud Abbas crumbles his cards on the table. "Anyway, that worked on us", Says an American diplomat who has been flown into the region a few months ago as part of a huge, more than 150 heads paying into the region in order to keep the negotiations between Israel’s government and the leadership of the palastic autonomous government.

When the Egyptians love the functionaries of Hamas over the border to Gaza, we looked at each other in the Buro and knew that the cards are now mixed.

Only two days later will be official: Under the applause of the palastic journalists, representatives of the Fatah, who have said in the Palastic Autonomous Rests, and the Hamas, who rules in the Gaza Strip, known that they agree on the formation of a common government to have.

Within five weeks that should happen; The new cabinet should be made out of specialists. At at the latest six months then, so the plan, in the palastic autonomous resorts, a new prasident and a parliament are to be chosen.

Politics with fighter aircraft

Israel’s Government brings deep breath in these hours – "they have been quite surprised", Says a high-ranking government worker – and then does what she always does: She says a planned meeting with the Palastic delegation, in which it is about the basics for the continuation of peacekeeping over the actual deadline, the 29. April, beyond. Then she will let fighter aircraft fly on a Hamas functionar in the Gaza Strip and lays a day later the spades on ice.

The use goes wrong: The militar must have a space that sometimes have been severely injured together?. "That happens when using the army for political purposes", Tell Benjamin Ben-Eliezer from the Social Democratic Labor Party, who was under Ariel Scharon Defense Minister, and actually considered a hawk.

Rights must be made on rough times

"Who eludes the Hamas rejects peace", However, Indes Head of Government Benjamin Netanyahu explains again and announces more sanctions. But they do not come because the government had already used the actual prere medium before weeks.

She had exposed to customs revenues after the Palastic Authority, in response to the Israeli refusal to approve, which actually agreed for the end of Marz of 29 palastic long-term lingings, first of all, massive demands for the continuation of negotiations above the 29. Had set apart, and Abbas had then signed 15 international agreements, including the Geneva conventions.

The other sanction, followed by a contact ban for non-security Israeli Ministers and State Secretaries with their Palastic counterparts, is subject to cosmetic nature – such contacts have been very rare since the 1990s; The daykeeping is done on the department leader level.

Not only at the opposition is therefore picked up at the counter. Netanyahu caused this situation through his refusal attitude, he throws him Jitzhak Duke, head of the workers’ party,. And behind the hand, MEPs of Netanjahus also introduce his own Likud block to the head of government, he has focused too strongly, to keep his coalition of centrists and rights together, and thus of peacefares and opponents together, and about the view of the coarse Whole.

Although the settler party is leaving the settler party "Judisch" by Minister of Economics Naftali Bennett. But even the Netanyahu extremely devoted daily newspaper Jisrael Hajom (Israel today) notes critically that the rights on harsh times have to be made:

Basically, Netanyahu must hope that the Palastinians do what they always do.

Nothing. Similar Settling planes have already announced the two coarse palastic factions twice before, after making them up in 2006, and every time they had never been implemented because there was a dispute over the details.

But the times have changed: the government of the autonomous deeds and their prasident are very self-confident, their political manobs have become more professional since the United Nations had enhanced their status in the General Assembly with a very rough majority at the end of November 2012 (the policy of diplomats In the backrooms).

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