Game development: godot 3.3 brings support for apple m1 macs

Game development: Godot 3.3 brings support for Apple M1 Macs

For the Game Engine Godot lies after a seven-month development time version 3.3 before. The update contains some innovations for the web editor, advanced support for HTML5 export as well as support for Apple’s M1 Macs. Originally, the release was apparently as a 3.2.4 update for the 3.2-branch planned. However, as it becomes a functional update, the developer team decided to open a new stable branch.

The Godot Game Engine is just 50 Mbytes roughly and thus a compact but fully gaming game development environment. It is, in contrast to the prominent competition such as Unity or Unreal under with license and can thus be used commercially.

Update brings web-based Godot editor

The update contains a first build of a web-based GODOT editor. To run the editor on the Web, the responsible developers have used the same export code as for GODOT developed games. This change has led to some improvements for web exports.

In addition, the developer team worked on the support for threads and gdnatives in HTML5 platform porting. Due to the platform limitation, however, these are not compatible with each other. Godot 3.3 has three different export templates in the luggage, as the thread support is dependent on the SharedArrayBuffer API, and they are not yet supported by all browsers – especially not safari on MacOS and iOS. Of the "Threads"-Build benefits from the support for the audio collet API, which should make a better audio output, without blocking the main thread.

Support for MacOS Arm64 builds on Apple M1 Macs

The GODOT team provides developers a universal binary to provide both X86_64 and ARM64 Macs. With the current version, this only applies to the standard build, not for the mono builds, because you need some time at this point to get mono for Apple M1 cross-compilation. The developer team behind the game engine has also unified 2-D-batching and introduces innovations for the multi-threading API.

The update brings innovations for the physics and the 3-D editor as well as an OpenXR plug-in and WebXR support for Virtual Reality Games (VR). Godot 3.3 Stop support for loading and playing MP3 audio ready. A complete overview of all innovations in Godot 3.3 received interested parties about the release notes as well as the changelog on Github.

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