G8 summit secured with drones and databases

Two weeks before the G8 meeting in Italy, the dimensions of safety preparations at contour gain. German authorities are also involved

For the construction of the "Security architecture" The G8 summit will drive Italian security authorities together with the military a considerable arsenal of technology and macers, which should not last make any protest controllable (G8 luxury liner Anchert now in the earthquake area). Around 40 government delegations are expected after the relocation of the summit of the Sardinian La Maddalena in the police school Coppito on the outskirts of L’Aquila in Abruzzo, most of the 4.000 delegates commuting between Rome, Pescara and L ‘Aquila. 13.000 Policemen should be in action. The costs for security measures alone are currently estimated at € 90 million.

Weapons show and "Integrated control systems"

To control the airspace, Italian civil protection works closely with the militar. In addition to the known events known from comparable events (at the NATO summit in Strasbourg under NATO command), fight jets (F-16, Eurofighter) and Predator drones are to be used. The use of military drones at "Police coarse layers" was previously known only from G8 2003 in the French Evian and the Euro08 in Switzerland. Also to the Olympiade and the G8 in Canada 2010, Predator drones of the US Army are integrated into the security concept.

These days install Italian artillery soldiers in Abruzzo a range of floor-air missiles (aside, Hawk, patriot). The small airport Preturo near L’Aquila was rebuilt for coarse machines and connected to a strain to the police boxes. In all civil aircraft, the Preturo drive, civil servants of the financial police.

The IT infrastructure for police and militar is becoming the Italian Selex Sistemi Integrati, an offshoot of militant "Global players" Finmeccanica, provided. Selex had broken down proudly on the Paris aviation show in Le Bourget, her "Strategic Situation Center" Be able to be able, "to activate the systems of the FinMecCanica Group": "From natural disasters to terrorist actions and to handle coarse and smaller events up to the evaluation of ship piracy."

The structure must not be reied for the G8. SELEX was that one of its systems was currently used by the Italian civil protection for disaster relief in Abruzzo. the "Dicomac"-Software and hardware ("Directorate command and control") was apparently already an hour after the earthquake in L’Aquila activated. "Dicomac" consists of a location center that integrates products and systems of the FinMecCanica Group. According to self-promotion, Finmeccanica is the "The only player in the aerospace sector as in the defense sector, which is able to offer integrated solutions at any level – from the sensor to platform, from the complex subsystems up to coarse systems". The market for systems like that "Strategic Situation Center" Finmeccanica treasures the civilian and military area to a volume of around € 5 billion, its own share in 10 to 15%.

Spared border controls

As announced in the shortly held meetings of the G8 interior and Justice ministers from the Italian host Maroni, it is said to be a particularly extended abolition of the Schengen Untermnmen of 28. June to 15. Give. All EU governments are therefore, "as it is ready for important events", Posted by letter.

Maroni explained, to improve praventive dismissals had to be set for border controls. Even after the G8, a scope of a few days is to be sent to arrest any offenses still at the exit.

Reports of Italian media suggests that in addition to controls from the airport, towards, harbor and coarse highways, evenly orphaned Ubergange with border police should be occupied by the. As part of an operation "Tor for summer" Beginning the Italian police in the short break, car and train traffic in border areas for the duration of 40 days above "all areas of the borderland on the strain and train traffic" Control to control.

The controls should be used to prevent entry so-called "Traveling violence" to serve ("Troublemaker" In the visionary), a practice, which lasted the NATO summit in Strasbourg and Baden-Baden violent criticism. Even when leaving Germany, potential demonstrators were stopped by the Federal Police and occupied with an exit ban. Many were previously in mortic databases like "Violence left" or "International acting violent storer" (Igast) has been saved, which in turn in the nationwide file "Inopic" be integrated. There must be no condemnation to land in order to land in the data from Lkas or the BKA. As an occasion for storing serve set methods, bloobe suspected moments and investigations – or simply the bad luck, controlled in a greater summit or "preventive" to be taken in custody. Even that "surroundings" of a suspicious is archived. Affected people usually learn from a storage for a police maaking, such as the exit or execution,.

Against the decisions of the Federal Police in the context of the NATO summit, numerous activists had filed a contradiction, which was granted in most cases from the state court in the urgent procedure. The demonstrator, of course, used this little. When recovering again, they were subsequently occupied by the French police with an entry ban. French persecutions had received access to corresponding German databases. The Italian police are also supplied by German side with data rates of potential linker activists.

The Federal Police explains in the answer to a small request of the Left Party, also to the G8 in Italy "In the border room and in particular on airport location-dependent control and monitoring measures". "Possibly" were pronounced executives. Basis should be the "About all the circumstances" and a "objective" Position hazard forecast. At the NATO summit satisfied "Objective hazard forecast" "Scene-typical appearance" Or the participation of black clothes. Even careering was then failed.

The Federal Criminal Office also promises one "Information exchange in the field of politically motivated crimetat with the Italian agents". BKA and federal police send from 1. until 10. July so-called connecting officers to Rome. In the "Directzione Centrale di Polizia Criminale" and the "Connection force center" In Rome, it works together with officials of Interpol, the largest international organization according to the UN.

The department of political police stood in Italian side for political protest is the "Division Investigazioni Generali E Operazioni Speciali" (Digos). The Digos has recently come into appearance with the spectacular arrest of six activists, which they ame that they had planned the reconstruction of the red brigades and a stop with a model airplane on the G8 summit. As proof served 30-year-old rusted pistols excited in the garden. The digos had already had the G8 already available to the G8 with the BKA "Police findings" exchanged about at least four people. The person concerned is a long storage. The BKA is still an activists who were brutally arrested and prologated at G8 2001 in Genoa of Italian police, in his archives.

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