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Canada is looking forward to the new trading converter arrival achieved between the US and Mexico

One of the central election promises of US Prasident Donald Trump was new to negotiate nearly a quarter of a century of Bill Clinton North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA. Almost a month before the first half-time elections of his first term of office, he seems to be successful. After the US and Mexico agreed on a rust for a new trade agreement in August (see. USA: NAFTA agreement with Mexico), the two Lander now also achieved a solution with the third NAFTA partner Canada. Before, Washington had threatened to replace NAFTA only by a bilateral agreement with Mexico.

The new agreement should "United States Mexico Canada Agreement" Hibit – curled "Usmca" – and signed by Trump at the end of November. At the beginning of 2019, it is then on the US Congress, which is reused after the half-time elections.

Conditions to the wishes of all three countries

Politicians of all three participants praised yesterday as a way to one "fairer" and more economic growth. The agreement is intended to be new rules for the "Digital trade", to protect intellectual rights and for preservation manipulations. In addition, a better market access for American farmers is the question: alone by the abolition of the deliberately Burocratic obstacle of Canadian price lists for skimmed milk and ultra-filtered milk, they should increase their sales by around half a billion dollars. Canadian farms that suffer bubes wants to decide Trudeau from the tax cash.

For this constant, the American of Canadian state authorization came towards arbitration procedures. They are to be reported to certain industries, which hopes trudeau to avoid criticular directive against the Canadian wood exports criticized by the USA as dumping. Explicitly reserved, the US penalty targets on motor vehicle imports – but a duty-free quota of 2.6 million passenger cars exceeds both current exports of Canada as well as the Mexico. In addition, the Pick-Up Trucks popular in the USA are excluded from this. For Blobe Car Parts, Mexico gets a quota of 108 billion US dollars, Canada can export them worth $ 32.4 billion in the USA.

The percentage of the percentage of which an automobile is considered a North American product is increased from 62.5 to 75 percent. This is to move European and Asian manufacturers to create new jobs in all three North American countries. The United States also insisted that a home to them as a domestic automobile must be produced at least 40 percent of locations where the hour’s wages are 16 dollars or high. This regulation relates to production in emerging markers rather than those in Dingolfing or Ingolstadt.

The old Mexican Prasident Enrique Pena Nieto sat by the desire that the national statefulness of OL, gas and coal is explicitly anchored in the new agreement. His successor Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador praised the compromises and the new agreement yesterday. At the expiration date, which the US and Mexico agreed in August, it now means USMCA contents arrangements to ensure that the agreement is not "obscured".

New competition for trudeaux liberal party wins provincial parliament

That the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau longed for a long time until he was invalidating a Nafta reform, it was also allowed to meet with it in his homeland new competition: the COALITITION Avenir Quebec (CAC) founded in 2011 succeeded in provincial parliament elections French part of Canada on Monday to demonstrate Trudeau’s Liberal Party, which previously ruled and now only comes to 32 out of a total of 125 seats.

The cleavage of the separatist parti Quebecois, which won a clear absolute majority with 73 sitting, wants to leave Quebec after a failed independence in the Canadian state network, but gain more validity to the subsidiarity principle. In addition, the survey institute contributed to her success that she demanded as an immigrant-actress presented present as a trudeau Liberal Party and in addition to French – also integration tests as well as more consistent deportations.

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