From hitler to hobbit

From Hitler to Hobbit

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The Bose of the Banalitat: "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" by Peter Jackson is not just a dwarf uprising, it is also a Gernegrober film

Peter Jackson has switched on, two swing up. So Lahmmschig his first "Hobbit"-Part a year ago (Middle-earth in the borders of 1937), Jackson now lags the pace and garnish his latest Tolkien film with action elements and adding characters, which above all have the purpose that this time none of this time Last year, the movie misses the plot and overhead is on the spot. It’s natural. It is just hidden better. Dafur are the weak and the flatness of Tolkien’s template even more clearly recognizable. And if you think about action and style, everything is only a breathing nonsense.

In the end, all questions are open: "What have we done?", Unfortunately just ask Bilbo, not Peter Jackson, who remained better in the Autumnland. But he has to obviously fulfill the vague father’s order like the heroes of the film: "Take Back Your Homeland". Good that at least not everyone is taking something to heart.

A hobbit is a hobbit is a hobbit. And Peter Jackson is Peter Jackson is Peter Jackson – clear. Goods also demands that everything else. Nevertheless, you also encounter yourself in the case of "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" More than once at the thought of what the Mexican Guillermo del Toro had made from the template.

As you know, Del Toro was originally as a director for "The Hobbit" intended. Then he was thrown out of Jackson and the MGM, partly because Jackson was looking for a second Tolkien burnout for a second trip to Middle-earth, but above all, because Del Toro refused the strategy of the Hollywood studio the narrow template three monumental films to stretch, at best two parts give this.

Womit del Toro was right how the first two parts occupy. But Jackson and MGM have discovered a perfect amount of money in Tolkies, therefore pressing the fabric from until it goes-non-more and rightly put on the never-sealing appetite of Tolkinists on News from Middle-earth, on blindness and partly stupidity of the fans How your enthusiasm is exploited and stretched in front of the cart of a money printing machine.

You can just like Jackson everything. And especially the hybris, Tolkien will become apparent in this case, wants to rewrite and would definitely want to continue. Betting that Jackson does that, though the last authentic Tolkien line is squeezed and recycled?

Where the authentic yes is not a value in itself. and "The Hobbit" was just a children’s book, no novel for adults, even if he has nothing more mean with a children’s fabric.

From Hitler to Hobbit

above "SMUGS ENODE" It can be realized that the film makes his title all honor for this film again like all Tolkien films Jackson’s Migrant, takes for too much too much time, a variety of earnings strings, and then their loosely ends. It is a single one in the long pulled and wide-crushed porridge of pictures and kitsch and bad music and even worse ideas.

Every character who does not wear shoes is deeply sympathetic to me. (Peter Jackson)

And it does not really make it better that this movie is directed to the initiates, on fans that he wants to form a community. Because that this works with Tolkien and in Jackson’s so well, financially anyway, that should give us to think, as we can put us on other things with good reasons, whether Bunga-Bunga in Italy, the Hungarian Media Law or the rough coalition.

Jackson’s Tolkien films could now be said, Bunga-Bunga for children, but such a statement does not lead any further. They liked to amuse themselves, and that works today over consumption, and of course it is better to be Tolkienist, as many others.

"The Hobbit: Smug’s Einode" is known to be the middle part of the trilogy, a movie without beginning and end so, with a quite abrupt cliff hanger. It also has its unprepared sullen to those spectators who do not turn off their mind here anyway, how miserably is the dramaturgical talent Jackson – if you want to call it at all.

This director does not understand it to build tension forms, to construct ellipses, merge together, it simply joins each other. His films aimed for a television series, and they look like this. And he also borrowed the principle of repetition of them.

Athtetics of the postponement

You walk and hikes through always the same-looking mountain boards, by any Walder, about a meadow, which is barely awful so juicy grun like something in advertising for "Irish spring"; Let’s gandalf, sometimes the dwarves are among themselves.

Then something supposedly happens insanely dangerous, but we know that all survive the salvation, so you can dioxide, if the sound will not be too loud, because anywhere is all approaching slowly. On 90 minutes, the movie still was not really fast, on 160 he is a torment. Madness, what people do yourself, because they believe it was a cult.

From Hitler to Hobbit

Actually, this is about permanent delay, removing the end, which is known from the beginning. And because we all know that J.R.R. Tolkien, the author of the template, was a fundamentalist, reactionar Catholic and an intellectual, could be used in this asthetics of the postponement also to the early christian idea of the "Kathechon" Thinking, of the "Halters of the end", which for a Christian, since the end is the apocalypse, more sense, as for a filmmaker who should not stop his audience unnotically.

So that the time passes, there is a lot of LART, everything is accelerated and charged, sharpened to the laughable. Asthetically, it is a material battle, it is completely meaningless.

The recipe for the central excursions in such stories is finally compared if one compares only the consecutive, as well "plain" Like that of the Volksmarchen. Anyway, heroes there are many; Good dragons are rar.


In addition, a lot is crafty in the movie. Especially the allegedly so scary Dragon SmuG beamed through his harmlessness, the self-falliness of his talk and the ease with which he withdraw from Bilbo in the penultimate scene into a half-sighted scholastic worsening bar and distract completely. At some point he falls again: "I am Fire, I am Death" – But there we know in the cinema chair it already better: This dragon is especially spark and stupidity.

From Hitler to Hobbit

Also, otherwise applies: What you have to remember with Tokien everything for unnutational things: These names, these places, these regions. And Tolkien has not fallen in better sometime than "The Arcane Stone". Are you crazy? "The mysterious stone" In a world that fantasy predicts, in which so everything must be a matter of mysterious. There is the name "The mysterious stone" The pretty much the most secret that can occur at all.

"Such a coarse film like, Lord of the Rings, I will certainly not be back. I will never turn three movies in a row." Peter Jackson

The movie is Duster, someone now say now. It would be nice. But is lied smooth. Ok, it gets dark from time to time, and once the moon seems very full. But lurk by no means at all corners and ends, because this had to happen to the figures yes. But does not work. Dying only the boses Orcs, but they are facial and personalityless anyway.

From Hitler to Hobbit

But honestly dear Tolkinists: What about bosewichers who are attracted to their opponent ten times, and the CGI-Copy paste function still on their side, but still not even be able to do it, even only one of 13 dihousen dwarfs to split the syndrome or pick up at least one arm?

A little manicure and a good hairdresser was not damaged by these dwarfs, so you are always looking forward to the Elves again, the at least as well as look like Kinohelden appearance. But the actually crucial question, which represents itself and again, is:

Why should you actually be interested in dwarfs??

Especially when you can not distinguish them anyway, as movie and director do not give them a little time. Or for these hobbits quasi-dwarfs? Because we are so small yourself and our heart so pure and our lives as inconspicuous as you? That’s how it is always.

We also have Merkel as Chancellor, Gabriel soon as a vice chancellor and are still proud to distribute the heroic from all fields of our lives. Maybe Tolkien is an author for the thirsty, which then literally limited grobing fantasies in "Adventure" How to live this and then somehow poetically occurring.

From Hitler to Hobbit

The connection between fascism and fantasy is therefore clearly obvious because fascism has been one of the largest century political fantasy companies. To answer less clearly is the question of whether this equation also applies in the opposite direction. Not always.

Obviously, however are some fascist fantasies in the Marchs, horror fabrics and science fiction films of the Kinos of the Weimar Republic. Whether Hans Werckmeister "Algol" or "Metropolis" from fritz long, whether "The cabinet of Doctor Caligari" or the first three "Mabus"-Movies, whether Henrik Galleens "Alraune" or "fist" and "Nosferatu" From Murnau – they all are like many other epochs of the epoch in their connection from the omnipotive dream and murder fantasy drunken of hunches of the future ethics and as such seismographs of the "Things to come" (H.G.Wells).

What will you probably recognize in Peter Jackson’s Tolkien films in Peter Jacksons in Peter Jackson?

The Hobbitmaschine

In any case, death and death, the game with fantasies of suicide and bulk dies. overhead violence fantasy. How often is head hacked here, how often is hasoted? Nameless. A terrible mass grave, for women and children. Heavy the set of one of the many sub-heroes weighs shortly before slopes: "IF This is to End in Fire, We Will Burn Together."

From Hitler to Hobbit

As if the common die a comfort of goods – but the antimoderist Jackson seems to say it exactly like that. Masada is everywhere. The creditor song also in the same cerebral tank:

And if we Shall The Tonight, We Shall the Together.

The life of the boses is opposite the hero… Well, ah: lifetime. Otherwise, one can not print it, because here is guiled and massacred, what the stuff stops. Also the Gigantomania of this film has something breathing. Technical perfection and the calculating of all the bigger. A movie without heart, a story without heart, ice cold, cynical.

Tolkien Hobbitmaschine is a random-wonderful imagination in every respect; Not only in the fact that the film and his story are, of course, celebrating a reactionar idyll, but it is also trying to preserve the spell that the first Tolkien films concluded with the fans.

From Hitler to Hobbit

From Hitler to Hobbit

Of course, the whole Tolkien complex, cultural industry par excellance is. And you can not save these pseudo-brand stories by the idea that you want to innovate a hidden utopian potential with you. Or the reactionar fantasies apologize for making the technical fetishism of modernity and their hidden articles on topic.

The opposite is the case: Tolkien’s stories are instant myths, second-hand myths and in their industrial character the opposite of subversive originality.

They are smooth, without bulkiness, without friction flat, just industrial product. And who did not want to believe that after reaffirming the book, he could read it on the fact that nothing has proved to be more suitable for industrial films and industrial manufacturing campaigns. I wonder why?

Tolkien instant myths reveal the anarchist character many old mythology. They are, especially in 3-D, confirmation, not criticism of instrumental reason, which has found one of their most zealous contemporary agents in Hollywood.

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