From germany a burger republic was able to become a swiss role model

Collective answer to comments too "60 years of the Basic Law"

Since I’m not on all comments on my publication 60 years of the Basic Law: Is there something to celebrate?? Answer in detail and can, I do this in collected way.

First of all, some clarifications to the political background of the matter and my person who seems to clarify some commentators:

I have the article "60 years Basic Law" not On behalf of more democracy e.V., but written from our own. I undercut and never belonged to a party, do not stand next to the NPD or write from their election program. Until 1998 I have always chosen SPD, since then I’m Non-Wahler. For more democracy e.V., a burger movement, which is committed to direct democracy, I have received political asylum, although not all in my opinion.

My political minds I was rendered as predominantly social conservative until carefully, where I admit that self-perceptions are always subjective and thus fragment. My socialization took place in Streng Catholic Milieu, but now I have emancipated myself. As a physician, I learned to calculate kuhl and hatch to vacuum. Maybe that explains my little fear of taboos and my limited willingness to jerighty for political sensitivities. What helps, may also hurt.

In times like these, we must finally be stopped to stick to each other moral-political labels or even to accuse the wrong attitude. It is about the common good to prevent the relegation of Germany to the stand of a global capital-exploited threshold country, not the right world view. There are fanatics who do not care about the fate of Germany, but not. In a democracy, no burger patriot must be, but everyone may be.

Some commentators have obviously only been waiting to rummage on an unsuspecting otherwise morally in order to reduce their political frustration or psychological problems. In doing so, they also complain about the decay of the quality of Telepolis. The recognized rules of good debate culture belong the underlying personal attacks, in particular the moral discrimination, which does not prevent some of them to argue to the person instead of the cause. Preview is easier to obtain as facts and consideration.

Telepolis offers an open forum for anyone who says it seriously and at the same time stop the rules of rule-free change. Everyone occasionally mistakes or pushes out the target, and I do not take it from it. But in such a discussion forum, everyone also has the right to political mistakes. Anyone who puts his point of view in orderly form as disgustable to the distribution may also be due to it, but still entitles intellectual treatment.

My choice of words, which seems to some strange, is quite abundant in the humanities discourse. Unfortunately, the forced presentation within the framework of Telepolis is at the expense of the necessary exemption and general understanding, so many of my thoughts was misunderstood. Who at the term "system parties" Stort, the MOGE reading the book of the renown Staatsteoriter Hans Herbert von Arnim "The System" from 2001. By Arnim Stop the political system of Germany for orders and illegally.

For the disposition of missing memories, I explain my position again, which at the same time contains a political concern:

The Basic Law is not a penalization in the democratic theory, because the consent of the people is missing, as is a democratic stand. Even in banana republics, the people are called to vote over a new penalty, just not in Germany.

The Basic Law, which defined originally exclusively as a temporary provision, is referred to by the ruling class as a "catching", but is only an authoritative rules, which was set to the German people in 1949 on the operation of the West-Allies in front of the nose. The people have arranged with this political forced marriage, which is psychologically lacking, because the alternative were anarchy or an open dictatorship. (Even worse goods an intervention of the Americans.) General prosperity is the approval of the political system or steams at least the tendency to system criticism. The brainwash of the political class then concerns the rest, so that the inadequacy, corruption and responsibility of politicians will endure dull. As long as there are enough bread and games, the artificially dough and tormented people are silent. So that it is not too excerpty, you build upgraded threats, from communism over forest dying, beef awareness and other unionism to climate catastrophe. You can justify many impressions.

Whoever has not understood it: Germany is facing a political and economic disaster that will lead to the general impoverishment and distribution of the majority of the population. After the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon, Germany will lose its remainder of Soveranitat and sink to a blob administration province of the European Union. The German economy will then increase even more to the game ball of global capital, the Entindustrialization and the associated unemployment will increase. At the same time the welfare state is reduced. The subsequent riots give the rulers to the rulers to continue their domestic policy towards a police state.

An amendment of the policy of democracy reduction is not possible within the existing longitudinal order. The Basic Law must be replaced from formal and practical reasons by a Volksverfang, because the political class uses the Basic Law to give its machinations to the seems of justification. This can only one catching something that can not be abused by the respective rulers because their provisions are under the control of the people.

My demand for a female figure is both legitimate like legal. The objection of some commentators, in Germany there was never real democracy, is premature, because there is no experience about the future. Democracy must not blob the dictatorship of the chosen authority, as practiced in Germany. Germany finally needs the real, definite democracy.

From Germany, a Burgerrepubl gradation was able to become a Swiss role model. Then the burger had the last word in all important decisions and they could prevent laws, but also force. Direct democracy does not allow political cow trade, no self-establishment of politicians, no postage or gunstling industry, no police state, no war policies and no decisions at the expense of our children and grandchildren. A female figure is therefore necessary, permissible and possible. For this purpose, I have already developed exempt tarpaulins that I like on occasion.

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