Fritzbox 5530: glass fiber router from avm with wi-fi 6 and multigigabit lan

Fritzbox 5530: Glass fiber router from AVM with Wi-Fi 6 and Multigigabit Lan

A good year after the envision, AVM brings the Fritzbox 5530 in the trade. It is designed like the two Fritzboxes 5490 and 5491 for operation on a fiber optic connection (Fiber-to-the-Home, FTTH, fiberglass up to the apartment), but creates high transfer rates than your transactions.

The Fritzbox 5530 comes with Wi-Fi 6 (WLAN 802.11AX) therefore, which transfers up to 2.4 GBit / s in the 5 GHz network with an extrabread 160 MHz radio channel and compatible clients (2.4 GHz: 600 Mbps). In addition, the router controls NBase-T with 2.5 Gbit / s on a LAN port. Suitable for this the company consortium Broadband Forum certified the Fritzbox 5530 according to AVM for XGS-PON (Passive Optical Network with up to 10 GBit / s).

SFP + module for 10 Gbit / s

In Germany, AVM sets the Fritzbox 5530 SFP Modules (Small Factor Pluggable) for 1 Gbps in Active Optical Network, AON) and Passive Networks. For individual other EU countries, the manufacturer faces the SFP + modules suitable for 10 GBit / s – in Germany, however, the technique is too little disseminated. Network operators could bring appropriate versions to this country if necessary; Alternatively, the SFP module can be replaced by the user.

The bottom line is the Fritzbox according to AVM with AON and Gigabit-Pon "All geared glass fiber connections in Europe" cover.


In addition to the LAN connection with 2.5 Gbit / s, two Ethernet ports with 1 Gbit / s are ready. ABB dispenses AVM at the Fritzbox 5530 memory and about printers can not be adopted. Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) for telephony and smart home functions are on board; Alternatively to IP telephony, an analogous device can be adopted.

Connections of the Fritzbox 5530 with three LAN ports, but without USB.

The Fritzos operating system brings common comfort functions, including IP TV, VPN, a surface for smart home control, the in-house DynDNS function myfritz, a child safety device and a wireless access. Additional gates to build a mesh-wlan can be coupled.

AVM wants to start selling Fritzbox 5530 in short for recommended 170 euros over the retail trade. Also "Municipal network operators and many regional and superregional providers" Offer the router along with your fiberglass rates.

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