Freedom for prisoners of the macron exception condition at the g7

Freedom for prisoners of the Macron exception condition at the G7

Demonstration in Nurberg. Image: Courtesy of Red Side

In Nurberg and in the Basque Country, numerous people have demonstrated for the immediate freezing of the summit prisoners and for civilian and political rights

Against the non-explained, but factual state of emergency in the French Basque Country during the G7 summit and for the freezing of the prisoners was demonstrated in different citys in the Basque Country and in Germany. One focus was Nurnberg, where 150 people have demonstrated for the freedom of the three young people.

Telepolis had reported that three young people between 18 and 22 years from the city were previously arrested prior to the summit in a control. Also, you can find yourself on one of the black lists delivered by the BKA and the strike protection ("BKA and penetration protection act as a history police"To). They also led to the two-time illegal deportation of the free employee of Radio Dreyeckland (RDL). This will have a legal aftermath, Luc opaber called Telepolis.

"A group that will probably become violent"

Meanwhile, a solidarity group has founded itself in Nurberg to counteract the Willkur in France. The premiences that a person were sentenced to 2 months and two to 3 months in prison are Hanebuchen. You should "have formed a group spontaneously, which is likely to be violently". It is known anyway that virtually no violence from the demonstrators against the summit went out. In one case became one "Armchair" provoked with a lot of Tranengas from the police in Bayonne.

The confirmed German photoreporter opposite Telepolis And that’s also available in your Twitter accounts. He became "Three light balls from the police in the sky (comparable to three announcements in front of WAWE use in Germany)" fired and then "followed tranengas and water". Only then was there in response "Stone and bottle sausage of the opposite side". Previously, people were peaceful "Once in circle" pulled through Baiona Ttipia (Klein Bayonne) and everything "Remained relaxed and quiet".

At this point was also reported that Funf French (supposedly "Linksextreme") Underhailed as the Nurberger had been arrested. You should even have allegedly pretended to remove a hotel that is a police.

This fake takes the agenda, which did not explain "state of emergency" were responsible, apparently the French justice did not leave. Four of the FUFs were released before the G7. The fun person is still in custodial, but because of an alleged "Internet delect". Again, it turns out that fake news and arbitrarious arrests have been specifically worked on the panicmaking. The two caught prisoners are French, but more detailed information may be that Legal team do not make them.

Refusal of a reasonable defense

As the solegrate informed from Nurberg, the three young people from their city was denied to defend themselves from the defenders who have chosen them. Thus, the rights of adequate defense have not only been emphasized. The lawsalt of the opposite summit made it clear in her resumea that there was no room for lawyer.

That had already underlined the free radio journalist luc previously imprisoned in Hendaye. That Legal team also complains that partly "Policemen as a translator" For talks with defenders served, what matters of the rule of law.

Had prisoners after representation of the Legal teams demanded, the police claimed that there were no answers to telephone inquiries. So the prisoner’s defendant were invested. In the case of Nurberger dear the then even the elective defenders throw out of the process hall. Obviously not the rights and interests of its clients, the defender, did not represent the rights and interests of his clients, but was apparently on the pages of the prosecution.

That was necessary to have failed. On the nurseberns, an example should be statuted for deterrence before the summit beginning. It also speaks that they were immediately distributed over three different fishing: Bordeaux, Mont de Marsan and Agen.

Freedom for prisoners of the Macron exception condition at the G7

Demonstration in Donostia / San Sebastian. Picture: courtesy of Committe Internazionalistak

As in Nurberg many people also demonstrated on Wednesday evening in Basque Donostia (San Sebastian), Iruna (Pamplona) and Bilbo (Bilbao), whereby the biggest assembly took place in Donostia. Everywhere the freedom of the prisoners was demanded and the attitude of all procedures. 23 persons, including Basques and Catalans are charged. The methods are between the 9. September and the 3. December scheduled. Unlike in the case of Nurberger, this is not a quick process.

In total, 164 people were arrested during the non-explained state of exception. Among them was the Fruhere Basque parliamentarian Joseba Alvarez, who was also deported as Luc and France is not allowed to enter again until today. The responsible counterpart is also guided on a blacklist, on which 500 bazaises stand.


The Zeitung Gara has received access to the document with which his detention and deportation was founded. Again, above all, violence fantasies of the French safety faith, the "risk" from "Trout" speak and do not turn off in the fall on the black block or anarchist, but "Autonomy or independence movements", the "good course" of the G7 allegedly wanted states. None of it has happened.

It is obvious that the violent margins are now being taken in France, which Spain has used against Catalans in order to criminalize an equally peaceful movement with an alleged rebellion and turmoil, which requires massive violence such as the use of explosives and war weapons. So political prisoners are produced. It shows how this is the way of that from Spain has now spread quickly into the neighboring country.

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