Four topfe from cadillac – 270 hp from two liters displacement

Four topfe from cadillac - 270 hp from two liters displacement

Hannover, 15. December 2011 – The GM cream mark Cadillac introduces its new middle-class compact ATS in Detroit, which should compete against models such as the Audi A4 or the 3er of BMW. It is pushed on by the strongest terraced cylinder engine of its class, and stylish as with BMW over the rear axle. 270 HP (198 kW) should afford the turbo-charged engine, with a maximum torque of 353 nm. Despite its high liter power of 135 hp, the foursome does not exit this force pointed out, but reaches a nominal center for nominal power: between 1500 and 5800 rpm are at least 90 percent of the maximum torque (ie just under 320 nm).

"The two-liter turbo fits perfectly with the ATS, our new sporty luxury sedan", Rejoice Cadillac MarketingMan Don Butler. "The engine hangs fantastic on the gas and pushes without a turbochool." Cadillac uses a Twinscroll turbocharger, which, if well carried out, can deliver in practice a similarly good response as a small double turboral. An air-air cooler takes some exhaust gas temperature from the intake air for further efficiency. Further peculiarity: as in some Suzuki engines, spray dusk the piston floor with lubrication.

Apart from this engine, the ATS will give depending on the market with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder sucker and a V6 with 3.6 liters displacement. If you find 270 hp with rear wheel drive from a two-liter row extender so boring when reading, it is recommended to occasionally set yourself in a Honda S 2000 and turn its engine into the limiter at 9000 rpm. The Caddy has 30 hp and a strong middle lead. So we prefer to compare him with the new edition of the Opel GT, because there comes the engine GM-in-house internal and we do not forget the Opel Astra OPC, because there he goes (also).

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