Fortress europe: example spain

The Socialist Government in Madrid builds the high-tech system for escape defense at the country’s sudkuste

Just 12.9 kilometers of Spain are part of the strait of Gibraltar of North Africa. In good weather conditions you can see the other Kuste. And yet the short distance separates two worlds. Thousands of people fleeing in favor of economic need, castle wars or political persecution, try the Strain from Gibraltar to Spain year for year to overcome. The incentive is high: who succeeds the crossing to Spain, which can be moved to further freely in all countries of the European Union. Coarse is the escape stream. According to Italy, the Spanish government has a harder gait against the "Illegal" announced. By 2008, Madrid wants to add additional 130 million euros in the "Integrated electronic system for outdoor monitoring" (Sive) invest.

Fortress Europe: Example Spain

This system of electronic monitoring of the Sudkusten was put into operation in 2002 under the Legal Conservative Government of Jose Maria Aznar (electronic protection wall against immigrants). First, the SIVE consisted only of surfaces in the Canaries and at the strait of Gibraltar. Since construction started in 2000, Madrid dear the escape of escape defense costs 106 million euros. Of 18 autonomous monitoring stimuluses are from 5.000 square kilometer water surface with radar guides and infrared cameras sampled after escape bosses from North Africa. Within next year, seven more of these stations should now be built. Instead of working 17 patrols to operate the art 52 boats of the Kustenwache in the Sudspan gauges. According to the paramilitarian Guardia Civilian, the expansion is necessary because the people were increasingly adopted on the custs against Granada and Almeria after the start of electronic control.

With the radar guides, a flight booth can be scored with the basic surface of two times six meters to 20 kilometers. The well-installed hot picture cameras can be different from each other to 7.5 kilometers of two people. With a location, the Guardia Civil and Fuerteventura is alerted from the manned surveillance centers in Cadiz, Malaga, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. the "successes" This electronic protection wall can not be overlooked. In 2002, 22 percent of the registered escape boats were not fixed – last were only four percent.

Fortress Europe: Example Spain

With the increasing control of the limits, a political hedge is accompanied by. After all, in January 2000, on the prere of the Spanish socialists, a very liberal foreign country law adopted. In it, immigrants have lined up the right to education or strike. Only a year later, the Legal Conservative Aznar Government rejected these keynatives with a relanded immigration law. A dubious strategy, which is now continued by the socialist government under Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

But it is also questionable, however, to what extent Madrid has opportunities to design their own borderline and escape policy in view of the pan-European scalculation mechanism. In addition to the political effects, behind the expansion of the interests, strictly effective economic interests are also. In addition to Spanish companies, the construction and expansion of the SIV system for majority monitoring also played influential international root companies such as Raytheon, Thomson, Marconi and ELTA. For the delivery of the optical monitoring, the German company Carl Zeiss had been offered.

Fortress Europe: Example Spain

Control room for Sive

The expansion of escape defense in Spain once again points to the increasing militarization of the EU border regimes. The leader of the SIVE system was finally with the program in 1998 "Sudger" started, for the already retained helicopter of the Air Force were used. Since then, a lot has happened, not only in Spain. In the 2003 defense policy guidelines of the Bundeswehr, it is called:

Untooked political, ethnic, religious, economic and social conflicts in conjunction with international terrorism, with the internationally operating crimetat and the increasing migration movements immediately on German and European security.

In fact, with a compensation of the situation is expected. In the conversation with the Financial Times Germany, Mehdi Lahlou named a refreshing number from the National Statistical Institute of Morocco. In 1984, so Lahlou, the income difference between Spain and its country was located at a ratio of one to six. Today, the average income in Spain is thirteen times high than in Morocco.

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