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Muslim reactions to the pastern exercises

It was a gross step for a pope and one too small for some Muslims: Yesterday’s regret of the pope over the harvest, the parts of his Regensburg speech (cf. "Only bad and inhumanes") Under Muslims, may be considered by some experts as a historically acceptable step, influential spiritual representatives of Muslims, politicians and opinion-makers of the Muslim world stated the regrettable words of Benedikt as half-hearted.

The well-known Islamic lawser Sheikh Jusuf Al Karadawi, which is already in the cartoon dispute to one "Day of international wrath" Hat, yesterday used an appearance with a weekly religious broadcast in Al-Jazeera TV to one "Day of peaceful wrath" to launch for the past Friday.

With his budget, the head of the so-called World Union of the Muslim Ulema appears not to be alone. The clarification of the pope is not empowered, Karadawi sees new peaks against the Muslims here again:

These are not excuses. This is a reproach to the Muslims that they did not understand his words.

Similarly dissatisfied positions are also from the boss of the "Islamic and political buros" the Muslim brotherhood reported in Egypt. Even though, as in the Turkish government – some with the apology of the Pope satisfied, there are prominent voices that require more. Thus, the Turkical Minister of State of Mehmet Aydin is quoted with a reproach, which has similarities to Karadawi’s exercises: The Pope was therefore not apologized for his Regensburg comments, but only for what they have made. Also elsewhere, as in the Saudi television broadcaster Al-Arabija should become awarders who represent important institutions, as the Al-Ashar mosque in Cairo, have uplied dissatisfied.

A terrorism of an unknown group against the Vatican, the murder of a nun in Somalia, the attacks on churches in Palastic areas, protests in the Iranian cleric high castle Qom, including the descent of an Iranian spiritual, the Pope Benedict conserves with Bush on crusade, the deduction of the Marroccan Representatives in the Vatican, the Protest Saudi Arabia, Iranian Fuhrung, Pakistan, as well as demonstrations in the past week against the exercises of the Pope: In the sum, this is from American media as "Firestorm" tagged, who worried some observers of the Arab public.

The cartoon dispute was a slowly straightforward affare against the turmoil, which caused the Regensburg Quotes of the Pope in the Islamic world, says Marc Lynch, which reflects in his blog reactions of Arab media. This time nobody wants to come to Spat and miss the train, so his observation.

Not only were the good voices that were against the remarks of Pope Benedict according to drumming. Not only striking newspapers, different Islamists or Al-Jazeera. The campaign has been received immediately by the Saudis and its media. This strategy, which also clearly shows itself in the reaction of the Gulf Cooperation Council, which requires a full apology of the Pope, there is to preserve the right edge from a rhetorical attack of the Islamists. Al Qaeda, who comes with all the match, which is in the ideological framework of the struggle between an aggressive west, which is located on a crusade against the Muslims, Konne would be reflected, the political capital from this turmoil in her "metaphorical suitcase" pack.

In A Message To His Vatican Counterpart, Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal Denounced The Pope’s Allegation That The Prophet Spread Islam With Sword And His Move To Justify Crusade Wars Launched Against Muslims.

Arabnews, 17.09.06

The key to the strategy of Qaeda finds himself after the sake of Lynch in the attempt to propagate the culture of culture between Muslims and the West. The aim of Al-Qaeda is that Muslims take Islam as the core of their identity and are convinced that Islam is in the middle of a deadline of the aggressive, enemy west. Everything this central adjustment moment of the Qaeda strong, operates this strategy. Al Qaeda therefore needs no support for their own movement so that this strategy is up. Everything she needs is the political context for her "Clash"- Reciprocate.

Orientalists and other experts for the Arab region, which are in the trade blog "Aqoul" Following, complaining about the "poverty", All about the foreseeable reaction of the Arab media, which have once more jumped on the train of the harvest and take a suspicion motif, which is evident in some Arab publications: the speech of the pope can be taken as a kind of test run to explore responses: "Testing the Waters". The underlying is the segregation, which is made up by an article more exempt (and obviously in the web quite circulating), which according to the Pope is the Muslims far less well as his transaction John Paul II. The article that appeared on an English website that itself as "One of the Web’s Leading and Original Resources for Traditional Islam Since 1996" describes, recognizes the troubled aspects of a new tendency in Christianity, which contours their attitude towards Muslims harder in Christianity. Nevertheless, the article encourages in the final sentence to caution "Emotional reactions". And: maybe Benedikt XVI did not intend, but in the sum, his politics would probably be good for Islam. The article was published in front of the Regensburg speech.

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