Film buying via apple tv: report user videos without sound

Film buying via Apple TV: Report user videos without sound

Users of Apple TV application, which you can not only buy access to TV + preservation, but also to buy films and borrow, report on technical problems – and Apple does not seem to fix them so far. On Twitter and in forums, the error picture, which seems to occur for about mid-July, always described the same: the user acquires or rent a movie and when playing is no sound.

No new downloads or streams

The bug is often reported by English-speaking stripes; Whether German synchronous catches are affected, initially unclear remained unclear. Affected users then turned to Apple Support. This does not seem to be able to fix the error and / or offer users new corrected downloads or streams. That in turn could suggest that there is a server-side problem with the TV app offer.

If you have problems with a digital purchase – this also applies to the App Store – can request a refund at Apple. However, this function achievable on the web is not automated and always depends on the Group’s goodwill. A direct initiation of a refund by the Apple support seems according to a report of 9TO5MAC also not always functioning, as customer service seems to understand the bug partly not to understand. So you stay at the worst way at the cost.

Play platform does not matter

It is unclear how common the problem is and if only newer or even old films are affected. A builder at least writes, with him did not work any of the acquired Apple TV movies. It does not seem to lie on the playback devices: In addition to the Apple TV hardware itself, smart TVs and streaming sticks are also affected, which have been supplied with a private TV application for a longer of Apple. All this also speaks for an error on server page.

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